Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Brutally Honest Relationship Confession

            It has been quite a few years now and I must say the journey has been a really tough ride. Well, it all began as a curiosity (that which was thought to be love) at first sight and continued on with the typical meeting, waiting, eating et al. Though I approached the meet-ups (the so called relationship) without any expectations, the surroundings (oh yeah the people) started defining and filling in even when there were no blanks. Not that I was uncomfortable about them doing so, but then this thing between her and I of course came with its riders. 

          For the person I am I started to develop the tolerance, patience and slipped into the world of nonchalance (without a doubt, implicitly). On top of these I was caught amidst the expectations of the surrounding and the  exasperation of the relationship. And I inevitably  started to live dual lives, one for the world and one within the four walls.

       It was no brainer to realize that the curiosity (love) was indeed a short lived phenomenon and life thereafter more so became accustomed to being unconcerned roomies in contrast to the erstwhile accommodative partners. Preparing food was never her forte or even worse was the fact that she ate as and when she pleased. I confined myself to home food while she flew off every other day and I don't even remember when she came back home.

             Though I showed an outwardly patience and restraint, day by day my resentment and annoyance for even her presence in my vicinity, grew. Working on improving the relationship was a lopsided aka a one sided affair. I understood her main contention being my bringing home of friends and relatives. She liked things to be calm and peaceful for her to come out of her invisible shell and even have a meal. I still obliged and cut down the frequency of people coming home and instead started meeting people outside.

            It was indeed a considerable attempt as far as I was concerned however she did not seem to notice or rather care about it. I wasn't able to fathom what else was running in her mind and it started to irritate me even more. Again restraint and patience is what I resorted to and I ceased to care or work on towards the betterment of the relationship and things sort of started to settle with same state of affairs as the status quo.  

         I went on with my daily work routine without bothering even a bit thereafter and surprisingly I started to notice a positive change in her, she was all chirpy and bold and I could see her being very active too. I started to break my head and what could possibly be the reason behind but in vain.  

           Once, I came back home earlier than usual and without an announcement I unlocked the house, she was having a party with a lot of folks (strangers to me) and she was taken aback with my unannounced arrival. I did not say a word or even flinch but everybody ran helter-skelter and exited quietly one after the other. I was cross with her and for once shouted at her for her hypocrisy of hosting strangers but avoiding even the presence of folks known to me. It started to fume within me on all things from the past and I warned her not to indulge again.

                The next few weeks went by without an incident and ever since that party suspicion started to grow manifold in me and I started to sort of keep track of what's happening. I am a sound sleeper and once I retire for the day I tend to sleep like a log, which she was very much aware in these many years of being around. One night a fearful nightmare shook me and woke me up. I walked into the dining area half-awake to drink a glass of water and (no awards for guessing) she was partying crazy with so many folksI couldn't even figure out how many and some were so young that I could only call them kids. That was it and I let go of the last straw holding back my temper and I don't even know what was I thinking and I got hold of a broom in the room and ran angrily towards them and started hitting all of them. Many jumped out and managed to escape, while a little more than a couple just dropped down dead one by one. I couldn't understand a thing and wondered if I was so strong or were they so weak. My mind did not calm down and she was the last one standing frozen in her looks after having witnessed the massacre. She tried to run away and I just landed a soft blow on her back, she dropped down unconscious. Time as well a lots of thoughts were running hard and fast. 

           I had to make a choice and after a lot a thought I swept her and all the other dead cockroaches into the dustpan and flushed them down the drain in one go. 

Waiting for karma to hit me back with vengeance...

Friday, July 31, 2015

What's a befitting tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam?

  For what he as done, said & lived, is a public holiday, candle march or rather a visit to his birth town a mark of tribute?

Here's a long list of what ideally could be a pledge in honor of one of the finest modern statesmen the world has ever seen.

"I take a vow with utmost sincerity & dedication to the grand old Missile Man of India and offer to stand by it no matter what the circumstance would be, that at least from this day..."

As an Academician

   I would envision & formulate an education system that would not just make the children educated but truly learned.

As a Teacher

   I would empower my students with my knowledge & experience as well as be open to learn and update myself in the process as well.

As a Student

  With a rational mindset I would learn, understand, question & even debate what is unveiled to me both inside as well as outside of schools.

 As The President of India

    I would expedite all mercy petitions in shortest turnaround time with due diligence in the process. I would also uphold the idealism of my office in terms of how a First Citizen needs to be like how Bharat Ratna Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam exhibited.

As a Politician

   I would be simple, honest and ethical in my words as well as activities and would abide by the rules laid down by the constitution in the truest of senses & work for the best interest of the nation, state, district, town, panchayat in same the stated order devoid of any interferences in the name of religion, caste or family.

As a Government Servant

  I would carry out my work with utmost care, diligence & timeliness unfettered by the lures of personal favors, be it from bureaucrats, politicians or general public.

As a Policeperson 

  I would protect, serve & uphold justice as laid down by the codes of conduct and provide a shoulder to trust upon at all times of anyone's personal duress, without an iota of expectation of return of favors in terms of money or material from the affected folks.

As a Lawyer

  I would wholeheartedly believe in the Indian Penal Code & represent my party in an impeccable manner till the exhaustion of all possible legal remedies and accept the judgement with grace.

As a Judge

  I would give a fair hearing to the prosecution as well as the defense and provide a comprehensive and conclusive judgement at the shortest time possible that would carry utmost merit and would stand to be upheld if there exists a provision of further appeal.

As a Journalist

  I would apply my mind in clearly distinguishing what news & opinions are and publish it in the appropriate way only upon verifying the authenticity of facts at hand. I shall uphold the ethical integrity that befits the fourth pillar and remain non-partisan on all counts.

As a Doctor

  I would diagnose & treat the health issues with my best judgement for anyone who seeks my expert medical advice without any profit-making motives whatsoever.

As an Engineer

  In the process of nation building on all possible ways I would strive to be an engineer based on my prowess rather than work as an engineer for paltry sums for survival.

As an Entrepreneur 

  I would envision and execute ventures that not just serves a particular section to the society but rather the world at large having in mind, of it not being an impediment to all the rudimentary assets of nature & our environment.

As an Indian

  I would 
  • keep my vicinity clean.
  • abide by the rules and laws of the nation be from the smallest to the gravest.
  • embrace religious beliefs of any faith if it is ethical, righteous & gives me a better guidance in life.
  • be proud to use locally made goods, be it of any nature and in turn support the process of making it a much sought-after one, globally.
  • spread positivity to others and always be helpful to people around.
  • take care of nature and nurture it as my own for a better world in the future.
  • vote without any sectarian bias for anyone whom I believe is the right person to take the country in the right way.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Net Neutrality: A wrong & misinformed fight!

           Just like how Hollywood movies used to release in India (months after its US premiere) until a few years ago, the Network Neutrality debate has finally landed in India almost a year after peaking the mainstream in the US of the A. Not surprisingly everybody (who makes money via the Internet [read as YouTube]) has put their heart and soul in parading against the curb of Internet freedom, voicing against Facebook-Reliance tie ups or Airtel Zero-Flipkart deals and what not. With Internet Freedom paraders on one side and the TSP (Telecom Service Providers) on the other, either of them are trying their best to voice their end of the argument being fairly absolute.  Though TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has joined the party pretty late, their premise of request for comments from public has not really been 'Neutral' per se but just turned up to be a fancy judge between two fighting parties.

             However, you might be surprised that there is huge degree of real 'Net Neutrality' that is actually missing. With the current debate raging between this way or that way, everyone somehow are missing the middle path that is technically 'The Neutral' path too.

             Prior to looking at what the middle path is and how it retains the NN (Net Neutrality), Internet has to be first looked upon on what it is in the current state. One of the most common take of the NN supporters is for the Internet to remain a non-partisan and non controlled information access medium. A few facts to the better understanding of all the NN supporters as well as to set the context of this case.

Did You Know?
  • Internet was neither envisioned nor designed (in first place) to be Neutral.
  • Each of the application protocol standards that has evolved have always found wanting of a preferential treatment of their packets called QoS (Quality of Service) in their own respective ways.
  • The existing unbundled Internet medium is not a factual endorsed NN view point but a skewed one-sided end-user centric setup.
 Hence in the true spirits of holding NN as a supreme goal a middle path has to been drawn where it has to be clearly regarded a SIN
  • If end-users say or expect Skype calling and Wikipedia Browsing to be one and the same.
  • If TSPs decides to provide selective applications the entire bandwidth and QoS while some similar other applications are left to suffer.
What is the Middle Path?
  • Everybody (from NN supporters to TSPs) need to understand that real NN can only be delivered practically if all of us joined hands in our respective roles, agreements and understandings.
  • End-users should be made clearly aware of the application level impact and differences on the existing Protocol level differences between, for instance a Skype call & a Wikipedia browsing (aka VoIP and HTTP) and on why treating both as the same is making the idea of real NN void.
  • The OTT (Over The Top) should be broadly categorized into different group based their network necessity.
  • The TSPs should hold the same level playing field for all OTT applications in every category without any preferential QoS whatsoever for either of them.
  • It is high time that the TSPs create category specific (NOT application specific) bandwidth channels so that end-users have the flexibility to choose and subscribe accordingly based on their needs.
With the current trend of support and lobbying growing on either sides, TRAI is either going to lean to this end (leave Internet as such) or that end (bring in model for charging OTT) sometime real soon which at the end of the day is NOT Network Neutrality in the truest of senses! I shall still pin my hope on for sanity to prevail and Network Neutrality in the purest of forms come into existence! 

People who demand neutrality in any situation are usually not neutral but in favor of the status quo.
Max Eastman

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Subliminal Jigarthanda from Karthik Subburaj

                   This is not a review and hence watching the movie before continuing reading this is highly recommended. What makes the premise of this movie a herculean challenge is the fact that this is not a unknown path but was one that was tried umpteen times with little or no success (Kandukondain Kandukondain, Vellithirai to name a few). Karthik Subburaj managed to win over it with such elegance that no one would care to say that he did that by chance but was destined to do that right from the time this idea dawned on him. All said and done in various reviews about the numerous deftness of his craftsmanship, it is quite obvious that certain aspects are privy to only this man (Karthi Subburaj) and those being all the subliminal stuff he has added and still guffawing at innocent digestion of it by the audience & dimwit industry personnel. Here's a little compilation of my attempt to pick his brain on the subliminal yet hard hitting messages.
  • #7 - For those who believed that this was Karthik Subburaj's story or its exaggerated fictional anecdote then you are wrong. Because the various characters splurged across the entire 3 hour length are not those who happened to be there in his story but a clear casting after a detailed profiling of handpicked bunch of real people based on the experiences from the lives of many struggling directors (to be).
  • #6 - Life's full of distractions & pessimism (Lakshmi Menon, Karunakaran) when you work towards your ultimate goal, those who steer unfazed reap its clear benefits.
  • #5 - Most of you would have noticed the gangster part, if you were wondering where the musical part was, watch again! Close your eyes and listen to the attitude in background scores. Musicals doesn't necessarily need to have the 'song' segments or have music as a part of storyline & screenplay.
  • #4 - The cinematic success of Bobby Simha as Azuguni Kumar is a sounding proof that many a time in life what you think as your strength (fear inducing, thick skinned, killer) is not really the ones that gives you the accolades or takes you places but your talents though absolutely unnoticed or in this example hated by you, gives that soul soothing everything that you have been searching your entire life. You need to make peace with your malign mind and start believing on what others enjoy about you instead.
  • #3 - Sangili Murugan's late night roadside advice is a mere hallucination when it comes to real life, its just you and no one else who has to back yourself.
  • #2 - Remember the three monkeys & a gangster boss with the protagonist's attempt to crack the story? The analogy being cracking the gangster boss's story being achieving success in films via Booze friendships, Sleaze relationships & Plagiarized story. A mix of one or all of these has been the traditional pathways while true achievers steer clear of all these either by chance or by choice.
  • #1 - The last ten minutes or so depicts that the practical world is very much accomodative, it has the space for the wide spectra of directors | actors how much ever good | bad they are.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ten+ Years of Work Experience? Here's a must take survey!

     I was once a part of a corporate celebration at my workplace and one of the senior colleague (who was used to being witness to my spamming his inbox with my blog posts) started a conversation with me on doing a survey. I wondered what it was all about and it started as something plain and simple. What transpired later startled me. 

     Currently almost all of us would have heard about the uncertainty of work life for a fresher aka a newbie with little experience and slowly that tides away for most people once they begin to 'settle'. However this senior of mine brought me to perspective of a second tide of uncertainty and ambiguity in work life of people who have more than 10 years of experience. I was skeptical on why or how a person who makes 'big bucks' as well as having a better say in the organization and presumably being a part of complete family and with planned investments on assets, be uncertain on their career?

      The following little survey of 10 questions is an attempt to categorically understand the pulse of those who have more than a decade of experience and put to perspective about it in an elaborate manner in a later post.

      This survey is not just for the folks in IT or ITES but to everybody. The survey would be kept open for a whole month. Please feel free to pass this to everyone you know and help a bit in collating this.

     If you are working currently & with less than 10 years of experience, you can also have a look at the survey and if you feel you already have a perspective on the questions please go ahead and survey it out and indicate your experience in the last question!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum Review

    It's been quite a long time since a non-horror thriller that has kept me at the edge of my seat till the last frame and Mysskin's this masterpiece is one such. His previous Mugamoodi could just be officially deemed as his childish fiddling. There are however quite a lot of shades that we have seen in his past movies have gone notches higher and better in this outing!
  • The first resemblance I would awe about being his affinity for 'under the yellow street lights' shots for many of the scenes.
  • The array of supporting characters leave a mark on our minds on par with the leading ones.
  • The brutality of murders of public and police akin gives no time for remorse due to a. the sheer number of such killings & b. the pace at which the screenplay takes us forward to make us lean towards what's next instead.
  • Sri is an actor of sheer class and a blessed soul for adding another feather to his cap by his performance oriented ஆட்டுக்குட்டி (Goat) role.
  • Mysskin's brilliance in the detailing of his capacity of being an ace hit-man aka  ஓநாய் (Wolf) till the last frame shows one of the greater depths of characterization in recent times of Tamil Cinema.
  • There are a lot of subtle yet purposeful references to theism / atheism depending on ones affinity to either.
  • The cinematography is stunning throughout and my favorite were repetitive frames with police convoy flash-lights giving a bokeh effect.
  • Yet again genius is an understatement for Ilayaraja's background score for this movie and one just needs to get drenched in it DOT
  • The one place where the audience lost their way was Mysskin's cemetery narration, which worked for me though!


       Mysskin is en-route becoming a lone wolf amidst a large pack of bears, tigers & baboons of cinema!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Revelations at Amma Unavagam

        Dining for many is an act to fill one's stomach and get going to carry on with their other daily chores. However it is more so an experience that is lived through each time for a few. A recent dining experience at Amma Unavagam (The state-run catering service) made a long lasting never-felt-before experience.
  • #5 - The only place where people from all walks of life can 'technically' dine under one roof.
  • #4 - No one ever serves food or water for 'that extra' tip.
  • #3 -The sanctity of food being a necessity is felt higher and very minimal to none is wasted.
  • #2 - One can come alone and still be able to make up a community dinner of the sorts out of it!
  • #1 - There are no fine prints on the pricing which would unknowingly rob you of your money in the name of taxes and charges. 
       It is surprisingly true that very little to none as stated above are possible even in the wildest of dreams in any of umpteen 'classy' restaurants that exists in the city.

        It is indeed true that there are questions raised on the loss incurred to the government in the long run. Well what's there if the government loses some of its budget in the noble of providing cost effective meal to the needy?
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