Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top Five Reasons That Indian Girls Say While Rejecting a Guy's Proposal

    Proposing or professing their love to an Indian girl, a guy can get either an overwhelmingly excited YES or a "variety-filled" NO. There is also a third possibility of a "silent" reaction which will anyhow boil down either of the two above, finally. In the world of countless possibilities of reasons for why a girl would say NO,  here are 5 varied reasons which I think will top the list.

  • #5  Caught Unaware - Who're you btw...? I don't even know your name in first place and how did you even think of approaching me and doing such a thing DOT.
  • #4  Family Woes - You know what happened when my cousin sister did the same thing and how it bombed in our family. I do not want a similar story out of me as well. This will not work out for me various reasons, forget it DOT.
  • #3  Brotherly love - I think the heading itself is self explanatory DOT. 
  • #2 The Unclear Chatterbox - I never expected this from you. Off all people I never thought you would do this to me...blah blah...on and on and ends her bombastic speech obviously pointless DOT. 
  • #1 The Ultimate Killer - (With sense of much concern for the guy and with no commotion) I "like" you a lot BUT...

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Great Indian Barterers

           The Barter system has been something that has been existent in the period prior to the thoughts and ideas of using money. Practices changed with the course of evolution however we Indians have still stuck onto the Barter trade in a variety of aspects of course with loads of reasons nonetheless and have given up a lot of  "pridefully ours" for things that may not be truly worth it...

  • Cheap labor and remunerations FOR Indian Brains.
  • Comparatively high paying outsourced good for nothing jobs FOR possibly challenging local jobs.
  • Gymnasiums and Health SPAs FOR Yoga and Meditation.
  • KFCs, McDs and Pizza Houses FOR கை ஏந்தி பவன்ஸ், Indian cuisine restaurants and dhabas.
  • Traditional relationship oriented Indian marriages TO sex and convenience oriented to-be-named relationships.
  • Natural nutrient-rich home made or country made hair supplements TO the likes of L'Oreals and Garniers.
  • Beverages like Coke, Pepsi & Co FOR the elixir called water.
  • The safety of Indians in the name the Nuclear Liability Bill.
  • The age old traditional Kamasutra TO you know what.
  • The well nurtured laziness in our blood succumbing TO punctuality, deadlines and quality policies. 
  • From the various Indian English accents TO various English accents to the Indian languages.
  • The Western lazy seats instead of the "Indian" styled muscle flexing exercisable toilets.
  • Nike, Reebok, Adidas brands of clothes and accessories instead of the lesser known actual exporter brands from India.
...and those above are just a shred of a whole lot of stuff that we Indians have bartered/are bartering/will barter FOR!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010


She was waiting for me.

I spread my arms wide open as I reached

and whilst she walked in up-close,

her fingers brushed against my skin.

I lifted her up with excitement and ease, 

her fragrance filled the vicinity.

It hardly lasted a minute

but she walked out hurriedly telling

"Elevator's too slow these days!!!"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Destiny?

We both lived in the same locale.

Since the time THE DAY was decided for either of us

everyone started treating us with utmost care.

With lot of guests pouring-in

we feasted almost everyday.

Surprisingly our "THE DAY" coincided wherein 

I realized my end was a sudden death

while hers was a slow torture.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why not Mommy?

From the day she conceived

till the day she felt I could take care of myself 

I grew up on her care, concern, teachings, wisdom and what not,

only to realize that

 the world was so chauvinistic 

cos almost everyone's "getting to know me as a kid" conversations 

began with the question

"What's your father?"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Job Openings


Age: No bar
Qualification: Not Important.
Experience: Excellent skills in quality product delivery to the customer, on time.
Location: In and around Chennai where lots of Engineers work.
Remuneration: On par or even better than those of most of the customers.

Are you game for it??? If so,

Reach us at:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

End of an Era

       7th October, 2010 marked the end of an era in my life and of course a new beginning (hopefully good). Well, I am not sure if 18 years was too little for to be called an era but for sure w.r.t me about 80% of my life's area of existence has become void now and hence yeah its indeed the end of an era for me.
  • It all began with the first thing which I could remember of happening was getting admission into Chinmaya Vidyalaya.
  • Learning the balancing act on my little cycle (with a sense of achievement of having removed its balance wheels all by myself).
  • Playing hide n seek forever with Sai, Anirudh, Natti, Kumar, Arjun, Chetan, my cousins and lots more throughout the summer holidays for quite some years.
  • With the tech age setting in, moved onto Contra, Mario, Tank, Pacman and what not while at times of power cuts as well as during endless "Don't get your eyes spoilt" retorts from elders, switched gears to the epitome games of those times such as Business, Monopoly and WWF Trump cards.
  • Then came the ages of Cricket madness starting from playing with empty asefoetida cans and aluminum rods to almond shells and exam pads and rubber balls and local bats to Cosco balls and seasoned willows as well as the assorted indoor cricket madness of Book cricket and Big Fun wrapper collections.
  • Then came the crux of the era, the "Balaji Bakery" which played a major role in my journey of the-making and sustenance of lotsa friends (seniors, juniors, elders too) till date. Its name was so very entwined to our lives and people around that, the present owners of that shop (being muslims)  failed to succeed in renaming it as well.
     Almost the entire unit of school folklores were (a few still are) in and around this area and another reason to the importance and grief was the fact that I had been the witnesseth of each of those folks migrating out of this area one after the other and that was truly a slow blow to me. With so much of countless stories at almost every spot in and around this area, it was truly a herculean task for me to physically to move out of this area however mentally slowly moving on, clinging onto the hopes...

Monday, October 11, 2010


We ordered 5 portions one apiece chocolate fudge.

Suddenly came another friend,

grabbed an empty bowl

walked across, halved my scoop onto his bowl 

and took sauce, raisins, nuts and chips from others.

Sat quietly, eating in corner while my friends became furious,

I wondered if this is how this thought was first "seeded".

Friday, October 8, 2010

Who's dumb?

We were schoolmates until 6th grade.

His parents made him drop out 

as he was a shame 

being the dumbest of guys on every possible front.

We never crossed roads, for years.

Following my IAS, I found I was posted in the State 

where he served as the 

Minister for Higher Education!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The End

Jammed parking lots,

tickets sold out long back,

packed theater.

Most of them stayed hysterical, 

applauding almost every scene and dialog.

He watched everything silently,

clapping all alone in the end

with his eyes swelling up in disappointment,

as none in the ecstatic crowd bothered 

to even notice THE CREDITS, as they hurried out.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Divine Search

He knew about all my past,

present and future.

Well, many went in search of him terming him as god

some confided in the god-men instead 

some others found him on the Zodiac, Astrology, Palmistry and what not.

I realized he was none of these


was indeed my very own sub-conscious mind.

Friday, October 1, 2010

In Pain

It was wholly my decision

Hence I stayed mum

every-time I was bumped, slapped or even kicked.

When told, nobody believed 

cos I neither had the scars nor the red-spots.

Finally the excruciating pain breached my tolerance levels

and out of me came my naughty little rascal

whom I could only adore, even in pain!!!
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