Sunday, October 3, 2010

Divine Search

He knew about all my past,

present and future.

Well, many went in search of him terming him as god

some confided in the god-men instead 

some others found him on the Zodiac, Astrology, Palmistry and what not.

I realized he was none of these


was indeed my very own sub-conscious mind.


  1. i thought the ending would be different calling yourself "god"..... good one

  2. Hmmm...well what I've stated is not far from that :D

  3. hmm.. we write our own destiny! apt msg

  4. I knew you are a different soul... but after reading ustood that U R ....... Not getting apt word to fit in.... will keep thinking... and let you know once i get once such... :)
    Good work ... continue it


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