Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top Five Reasons That Indian Girls Say While Rejecting a Guy's Proposal

    Proposing or professing their love to an Indian girl, a guy can get either an overwhelmingly excited YES or a "variety-filled" NO. There is also a third possibility of a "silent" reaction which will anyhow boil down either of the two above, finally. In the world of countless possibilities of reasons for why a girl would say NO,  here are 5 varied reasons which I think will top the list.

  • #5  Caught Unaware - Who're you btw...? I don't even know your name in first place and how did you even think of approaching me and doing such a thing DOT.
  • #4  Family Woes - You know what happened when my cousin sister did the same thing and how it bombed in our family. I do not want a similar story out of me as well. This will not work out for me various reasons, forget it DOT.
  • #3  Brotherly love - I think the heading itself is self explanatory DOT. 
  • #2 The Unclear Chatterbox - I never expected this from you. Off all people I never thought you would do this to me...blah blah...on and on and ends her bombastic speech obviously pointless DOT. 
  • #1 The Ultimate Killer - (With sense of much concern for the guy and with no commotion) I "like" you a lot BUT...


  1. Of all this..the best is " What..I dint get you?"..:p..;)

  2. Another one: I am sorry, but I forgot to tell you that your friend and I are in a relationship. :D

  3. @Charith - That din make to the "Top List" man :(
    @Kumar - That's gaining momentum to top the list these days I guess :P :D...

  4. did anybody know charan's top 3 reasons???!!


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