Monday, October 25, 2010

The Great Indian Barterers

           The Barter system has been something that has been existent in the period prior to the thoughts and ideas of using money. Practices changed with the course of evolution however we Indians have still stuck onto the Barter trade in a variety of aspects of course with loads of reasons nonetheless and have given up a lot of  "pridefully ours" for things that may not be truly worth it...

  • Cheap labor and remunerations FOR Indian Brains.
  • Comparatively high paying outsourced good for nothing jobs FOR possibly challenging local jobs.
  • Gymnasiums and Health SPAs FOR Yoga and Meditation.
  • KFCs, McDs and Pizza Houses FOR கை ஏந்தி பவன்ஸ், Indian cuisine restaurants and dhabas.
  • Traditional relationship oriented Indian marriages TO sex and convenience oriented to-be-named relationships.
  • Natural nutrient-rich home made or country made hair supplements TO the likes of L'Oreals and Garniers.
  • Beverages like Coke, Pepsi & Co FOR the elixir called water.
  • The safety of Indians in the name the Nuclear Liability Bill.
  • The age old traditional Kamasutra TO you know what.
  • The well nurtured laziness in our blood succumbing TO punctuality, deadlines and quality policies. 
  • From the various Indian English accents TO various English accents to the Indian languages.
  • The Western lazy seats instead of the "Indian" styled muscle flexing exercisable toilets.
  • Nike, Reebok, Adidas brands of clothes and accessories instead of the lesser known actual exporter brands from India.
...and those above are just a shred of a whole lot of stuff that we Indians have bartered/are bartering/will barter FOR!!!


  1. Amazing man !! Though i couldn't completely go with laziness..i really agree with accent and western seats :D


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