Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Subliminal Jigarthanda from Karthik Subburaj

                   This is not a review and hence watching the movie before continuing reading this is highly recommended. What makes the premise of this movie a herculean challenge is the fact that this is not a unknown path but was one that was tried umpteen times with little or no success (Kandukondain Kandukondain, Vellithirai to name a few). Karthik Subburaj managed to win over it with such elegance that no one would care to say that he did that by chance but was destined to do that right from the time this idea dawned on him. All said and done in various reviews about the numerous deftness of his craftsmanship, it is quite obvious that certain aspects are privy to only this man (Karthi Subburaj) and those being all the subliminal stuff he has added and still guffawing at innocent digestion of it by the audience & dimwit industry personnel. Here's a little compilation of my attempt to pick his brain on the subliminal yet hard hitting messages.
  • #7 - For those who believed that this was Karthik Subburaj's story or its exaggerated fictional anecdote then you are wrong. Because the various characters splurged across the entire 3 hour length are not those who happened to be there in his story but a clear casting after a detailed profiling of handpicked bunch of real people based on the experiences from the lives of many struggling directors (to be).
  • #6 - Life's full of distractions & pessimism (Lakshmi Menon, Karunakaran) when you work towards your ultimate goal, those who steer unfazed reap its clear benefits.
  • #5 - Most of you would have noticed the gangster part, if you were wondering where the musical part was, watch again! Close your eyes and listen to the attitude in background scores. Musicals doesn't necessarily need to have the 'song' segments or have music as a part of storyline & screenplay.
  • #4 - The cinematic success of Bobby Simha as Azuguni Kumar is a sounding proof that many a time in life what you think as your strength (fear inducing, thick skinned, killer) is not really the ones that gives you the accolades or takes you places but your talents though absolutely unnoticed or in this example hated by you, gives that soul soothing everything that you have been searching your entire life. You need to make peace with your malign mind and start believing on what others enjoy about you instead.
  • #3 - Sangili Murugan's late night roadside advice is a mere hallucination when it comes to real life, its just you and no one else who has to back yourself.
  • #2 - Remember the three monkeys & a gangster boss with the protagonist's attempt to crack the story? The analogy being cracking the gangster boss's story being achieving success in films via Booze friendships, Sleaze relationships & Plagiarized story. A mix of one or all of these has been the traditional pathways while true achievers steer clear of all these either by chance or by choice.
  • #1 - The last ten minutes or so depicts that the practical world is very much accomodative, it has the space for the wide spectra of directors | actors how much ever good | bad they are.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ten+ Years of Work Experience? Here's a must take survey!

     I was once a part of a corporate celebration at my workplace and one of the senior colleague (who was used to being witness to my spamming his inbox with my blog posts) started a conversation with me on doing a survey. I wondered what it was all about and it started as something plain and simple. What transpired later startled me. 

     Currently almost all of us would have heard about the uncertainty of work life for a fresher aka a newbie with little experience and slowly that tides away for most people once they begin to 'settle'. However this senior of mine brought me to perspective of a second tide of uncertainty and ambiguity in work life of people who have more than 10 years of experience. I was skeptical on why or how a person who makes 'big bucks' as well as having a better say in the organization and presumably being a part of complete family and with planned investments on assets, be uncertain on their career?

      The following little survey of 10 questions is an attempt to categorically understand the pulse of those who have more than a decade of experience and put to perspective about it in an elaborate manner in a later post.

      This survey is not just for the folks in IT or ITES but to everybody. The survey would be kept open for a whole month. Please feel free to pass this to everyone you know and help a bit in collating this.

     If you are working currently & with less than 10 years of experience, you can also have a look at the survey and if you feel you already have a perspective on the questions please go ahead and survey it out and indicate your experience in the last question!

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