Tuesday, March 8, 2011


 The below mentioned FACT is just MY opinion documented and any resemblance to something you have seen or heard off, is purely intentional!!!

        With International Women's Day being celebrated this month, there would be scores and scores of activities abuzz across the nation by various political affiliates and corporates as well as news articles, shopping offers and what not in the name of supporting, appreciating and celebrating womanhood. At this timely juncture I felt it would be apt to highlight a different genre of how women are "celebrated" if not on Women's Day but throughout the year at various societal, economic, cultural, regional levels and that brings us to categorical classification of women as prostitutes

      Yes you read it right, women in our country are indeed represented, branded, classified and that act is what I would like to call as prostitutionalization

    Well, those who could not understand of why such a terminology in first place, are those who are ignorant of such a thing either by chance or by compulsively minded practice to not accept that fact openly and maybe just be furiously judgmental already, at such an audacious representation.

      Just to fine tune your focus on the precise direction of representation of this fact and also for the benefit of the ones who are new to this term, prostitutes are the one who do the obvious stuff (First part) for Money (Second Part) wherein the motive "For the second part" elevates a woman to be termed as a prostitute. BUT the people, in our country at large do not stick to the dictionary definitions and instead make do with their own representations and branding to give that COVETED title to women (in raw plain English, with a lot of colloquial and expletive synonyms and derivatives indicting the same) either with a precognitive mindset or "From the experience of the number of women I have seen, known and heard off" mindset. This "make do representative mindset of people" about women is THE CRUX of my HOW part.

  • The most common form of such a classification happens during angry outbursts by men (usually) and women (these days) in calling men and women as Son of B****s (SoBs) and B****s respectively in any and all possible languages they are familiar with and there is no validation or reasoning of such derogatory statements. Many are so very fluent in making such statements that they're mentally numb to notice who and what they are referring to.
  • Its surprisingly saddening that these judgments are passed on girls even at school level when they are found talking with lot of boys and a lot sooner if the boys are not from the same class or age group or if people could not arrive at some logical connect behind a girl's such an action and the same stands good and even "better" in college life.
  • An outspoken and broadminded woman in a Corporate is regarded, subtly branded "approachable" right away.
  • Actresses, be it Television or Cinema, Personal Secretaries, Models, Air-Hostesses, Housekeeping staff, Hotel Management industry people, those working under many of the verticals that are a subset of "Media" industry and a lot more fields where the glamor plays a predominant role, the women are mostly Character Assassinated (CAed) by default and retrospectively classified.
  • Divorcees , spinsters and widows come under another larger section of women who are "talked with" and "talked about" on such similar coveted lines.
  • And finally AIDS suffering / ailing women are looked upon and CAed yet again based on these presumptive mindsets.
As long as prostitution exists in one's thought as a feminine phenomenon and people do not deal with such "nobel" minded themselves or the ones they know, prostitutionalization will never cease to exist but will only grow stronger in its own subtler manner...!!!
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