Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Settai Review

           When it comes to remake there are many good directors (read CON Review), however there are only a few with great talent because it only takes a great talent to make a sensational hit out of remaking a flop as well as making a fantastic flop out of a box office breaker & those who had seen or even heard of the original would know it!

Here's an attempt to reconstruct what (probably) went in the minds of the producers of this feature film.
  1. Buy the rights of the original.
  2. Check with Aamir Khan on his budget for producing the original and fix half of it or even less for the remake.
  3. Also ask them if they still have the set they used for the original and preserve whatever is left of that and use it.
  4. Make sure the movie is made in front of the eyes of the producers (hence shot in Mumbai).
  5. Replace just the main cast of the original.
  6. Assume that the Tamil audience are grown up 'kids' and henceforth remove the adult-content aspects ( a.k.a the reasons why the original was a resounding success). Its like remaking a Shakila movie and without her so that the movie would henceforth be a 'family entertainer' and of course the CBFC would silence certain mouthing here too.

      This movie could have reaped similar resounding success had it retained the selling point of the original. It ends up as a cheap 'adulterated' shitty (literally) movie with Santhanam bringing a little respite here and there.

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