Monday, January 28, 2013

Who Am I? #11

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I'm known to be responsible for conditions

 unknown to the medical world.

Successes or failures fetch me my due credits.

Being apple of their eyes

some call me blessed

while to some others I am the oppressed.

Neither I care for the lewd tag.

Nor do I take credits for being the spine.
Series Synopsis - Blog Link / FB Link

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Top 5 Reasons Why Vishwaroopam Should be Banned in Tamil Nadu

              Just heard here and here too last night that the Vishwaroopam screening was (allegedly) banned in Tamil Nadu on request from the Muslim minority representatives and I sort of got the hang of the plausible underlying reasons. Without further ado here are the top five reasons for it.
  • #5 - The movie did not really represent the minority of Muslims in Tamil Nadu but rather showed certain elements that exist at large on a global level, which is really an insult to the locals. Of all people, Kamal Hassan being a Tamil movie maker should have given priority to the practices and lives of the Tamil speaking ones rather than what he had shown. 
  • #4 - National Muslim groups had their share of limelight with issues like Kashmir, Gujarat and what not, every now and then leading to media attention on them. "The most recent development in Andhra Pradesh on Muslim leaders was the spark to  awaken us and we the Tamil Muslims think tanks decided unanimously to make us 'visible' to gain media attention" said a Tamil Muslim primary school graduate on grounds of anonymity.
  • #3 -  Kamal Hassan said in an interview that Muslims are a minority only in this part of the world however they are a major section of people in the world at large. Hence this triggered fears in Tamil Muslims that they might lose all the government ordered perks that they enjoy as minorities if the government sided with the actor in those views.
  • #2 - Some Muslims who had worked in this movie had said Kamal Hassan had portrayed a Muslim character with so much deft and authenticity that he could easily  be seen as an age old Muslim. This further triggered fears amongst the Tamil Muslim minorities that if by chance Kamal converts to Islam, he might take over the coveted leadership roles of the current Tamil Muslim leaders across the state of Tamil Nadu.
  • #1 - This is the most important reason I believe, which is a two part reasoning when Kamal decided to showcase a special screening of Vishwaroopam to the Tamil Muslim group leaders. One part being, the Muslim leaders had asked for a few hundred more extra tickets for the show so that their extended families could be accommodated for that special screening, which apparently was denied wholly by Kamal. Other part being, after the end of the screening, most of the 'viewers' could not grasp the actual story or portrayal or even the character names for that matter, as they were busy looking for number of Muslims shown and hence they requested Kamal for another show for which he asked them to watch it on DTH, a week later.

PS: This is a pure work of fiction on a satirical front.
PPS: Any resemblance to reality is purely a coincidence, unintentional and unwarranted.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Top Ten Women Raped In India

           Its not a surprise if this title caught your attention more than anything else on the social space cos that's what most people are 'interested' these days. If the raped ones can have so many 'voices', why not lend one for the rapists too as a fair deal and to put things clear to the rest of the world after all this is the land that produced Abbas Kazmi

There are scores of women being raped all around the country and this 16th of Dec episode has made quite a remarkable mark on the country's chatterboxes. This is truly an uprising of a class (the raped ones), who in the name of being brought to justice has just been brought to limelight with justice in the last seat of a broken bus called the judiciary system. The reasons behind rapes has by-far been countless but still there are quite a handful that make it to the best of reasons. Without much ado here are the top ten women who are vulnerable / being raped / were raped in the world's largest 'democracy' as we speak.
  • #10 - Women apparently in love or possibly seen conversing on mobiles for a long time.
  • #9 - Sister / Daughter / Friend / Relative / Neighbor of an already raped girl.
  • #8 - Daughter / Sister of a prostitute a.k.a dented and painted ones.
  • #7 - Women seen travelling with more than one guy.
  • #6 - 'White' foreign women.
  • #5 Women seen in pubs and parties.
  • #4 - Naive women / babies / girl kids.
  • #3 -  Girls wearing Western or Indian 'provocative' clothes.
  • #2 - Wheatish skin-toned Indian women due to scarcity of #6.
  • #1 - Being desperate and (mostly) inebriated,  any women found at sight who may /may not fall under any of the previous nine categories.
Neither castration or death penalties (reactive) nor strengthening laws (proactive) would wipe this out because such laws exists for ages against murderers and those who rage war against our nation too. But how many convicts get to experience the pain behind the suffering of the victims? 

There are two ecosystems 
  1. On-lookers --> Protesters --> Victims --> Deceased --> (Fresh) On-lookers and so on...
  2. Criminals --> Accused --> Convicts --> Pardoned --> Politicians --> RIP --> (Next Gen) Criminals and so on...

Bottomline:  As long as these two systems exists running in parallel , all will be the same forever!!!
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