Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For Registration

           After quite a time of deliberation, I finally made up my mind to get a bike for myself and decided to go for an Apache RTR 180. I approached the vendor and completed all the initial paper work and settled for the coveted Perl-White baby. Now I progressed into the phase of deciding upon the auspicious date to register and pick up the bike and it was my mom who did all the math and concluded finally on "The-day" for it. Now since The-day was almost a week away, I decided to pick a fancy registration number in the mean time.

        With a specific range of numbers to choose from, my mom started listing out a set of preferred numbers and after the passage of a few days and many rounds of shortlist, I had ten sets of available fancy numbers to choose from, for my bike. I picked my three choices from the ten and with lots of anxiety on whether those were available at that instant or has somebody taken it already etc as The-day was just two days away. Also the pressure started building in my mind on whether the registration be completed on the specific date and the bike be ready for delivery. To fuel my worries further, the bike vendor expressed there was a delay on the consignment that was scheduled to reach on the day prior to The-day. Not sure and anxious on the status of my registration number as well as the bike, I somehow managed an almost sleepless night, only to wake up on The-day hearing of the necessity to go to work soon (of all days only on that day)  and not sure how worst that is going to make my already worsened day.

         With the onset of the evening, neither I had a clue on what happened to my bike registration nor had I heard about it from anyone. Finally when I could find time to get out of work, I called the vendor and he just asked me to come to the showroom and disconnected without even bothering to answer my anxious questions. I was really cross on him and started off to the showroom. I reached the showroom still with the fury in my mind only to find him with all smiles and he lead me inside the parking lot without giving anytime for me to ask him anything. He broke the silence to confirm me that the register number of my choice has been registered to the bike and the number plate sticker work was all that's pending. He finally gave me the bike keys and showed me the white baby with a For Registration sticked on it.

            I was in a mixed emoted state and my phone vibrations brought me back to my senses. It was a girl whom I knew and she exclaimed happily that she was getting engaged, in a weeks' time and the marriage is slated to happen in six months. I felt a coherence in what she told me and the "For Registration" state of my bike and in fact I literally felt like having heard from her that she's up "For Registration" sans the visible tag on her though, unlike the bike.
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