Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Have you ever wondered

In numbers
  • Of all numbers why and when was 100 chosen as the emergency number?
  • Why nine rounds in boxing?
  • Why eight lanes in track events?
  • Why 0123456789 from top to bottom in telephones and TV remote while bottom to top on keyboards?
In day to day practices
  • Why and when most of us started wearing watches on our left hand?
  • Why do we walk holding and pushing the two wheelers always by being beside on the left side of it?
  • While blocked in a signal why does many have the habit of moving up in front of all and wait for the signal to clear?
In beliefs

  • Why was English used and being used as the official language of communication, mostly world over?
  • Why was white and dove chosen as the symbols of peace?
  • The irony in the term "Peacekeeping Force".
  • Why everyone's last name is either the dad's name or the dad's family name or even both but nothing w.r.t mom's name or her family name?
In Socializing
  • Why many of us are obsessed with the number of scraps, photo comments, testimonials and friends on Orkut?
  • Why testimonials have never been of a genre apart from leg pulling, praise and accolades?
  • Why does most people find it easy to convey their hate or dislike but not their love and likes?
  • Why does mostly guys and moms or girls and dads get along with each other so well?
In food and tastes
  • Why do we add green chilly to food stuff, when thats the last thing we want to bite and usually hand pick and discard it before eating?
  • Of all the kinds of tastes why the oceans and seas are only salty?
  • If tongue is to taste why are taste buds only on the tip?
In technology and practices
  • Why left/right hand drives were introduced and two traffic patterns based on it?
  • Why the human race invented machines and started polluting the environment and now trying to reinvent to get to that pollution free situation that was prevalent in the past, to save the world for the future?
  • Why only google and why not other search engines?
  • If auto rickshaws can have rear-view mirrors without protruding outside the vehicle, why other vehicles not have it the same way but have it protruding outside on either side of their vehicles.
In sexist practices
  • Why does  movie scenes with  topless males go unnoticed by both censor board and general public on the grounds of nudity in cinema?
In other miscellaneous 
  • How and why East, West, North and South came into existence and practice?
  • Why is it that the world timezone is based on GMT?
  • Why does the natural dye henna does not affect the skin color above the neck, when applied?
  • When people frequently say something is a pain at all wrong places, why can't those places be categorized as the right places henceforth, as it happens at those places always? 
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