Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Greatest Indian Businessman

     I have heard a lot of rags-to-riches businessmen stories, who went onto become the greatest of all but did not think of someone as a role model to look upon until the time I saw this. Of course I have done nothing more than the fact of supposing him as my role model. However lately I had this sudden thought bolted in my mind (about another ONE, whom I have never looked upon this way before) which made me think again about this whole "Whom should I learn from and look upon?" stuff. Since that compelling thought within myself, I could not restrain myself from thinking about why "HE" definitely was/is/will be the Greatest Indian Businessman EVER (though he is successful world over, his grass roots are from India). Here are the strong reasons for why he's THE ONE.

  • Some historical references elucidate that he was born to poor parents.
  • He was a child prodigy in-fact a baby prodigy to be precise and people awed and oohed of his talent.
  • His words of wisdom enlightened people's lives.
  • His discourses on any subject as complied by his listeners were bestsellers in its own genres.
  • He took up various roles at different timelines in widespread geographies to reach the masses.
  • He never expressed interest in a business partnership with anyone but people thronged at his place for having him as a partner and he had never said no to anyone.
  • There has only been growth and success stories of people who have had him as their partners and the World at large is an example for this.
  • Though he professed on having faith on themselves and their skills, people have only increasingly had more faith on him instead and invested more of their time and money on him.
  • No doubt he has the largest fan followers who are ready to do anything for him.
  • He was the first and the most successful person in the history ever, to harness and sell beliefs to people.
  • His selling potential beats the necessity for advertisements, promotions or marketing and the word of mouth reach has just been phenomenal and ever growing.
  • His reach has been to all classes of economy and has not shown any discrimination to anyone, whomsoever.
  • He does not have any specific headquarters and every establishment of his has always reaped benefits outstandingly well in all forms of financial exchanges by selling out beliefs, philosophies,  stories, souvenirs  etc.
  • He has done business in a way what billions of others have not even imagined in their wildest dreams in-spite of age long strong speculation of him being mythological or factual. 
  • In fact a few others have followed suit in this business model and have made their mark in their own manner and have been  examples of similar run away success stories in their own worlds.
    Though there are scores of people who have aspired and worked upon to be GOD, none have reached that pinnacle of success and hence the take away here for many budding entrepreneurs is to learn some of those "GODLY business principles", if not all and apply it in their own respective interests.

P.S. This was not a shot at the sentiments of any reader but purely an analogy derived out of something in practice.
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