Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Savior

She was brought-in unconscious

with broken jaw &

cracked head.

Her relatives were depressed & devastated.

With a deft confidence HE promised them,

 her complete recovery.

She got back home in three days,

hale & healthy.


not a single soul ever thanked HIM for what HE did

because he was just a mechanic.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Top Five Tricks NOT To Be Taught To Kids

     As a popular ad says kids need to be "Smarter, Stronger & Sharper", just imagine how much does the parents of those kids need to be. There are quite a large number of kids whose  parent's exclamation ranges from "Oh wow, he/she is  so cute and naughty" to "OHH MY GOD , I cannot handle 'it' anymore".  Here are the TOP 5 NOT-To-Be-Taught tricks that are taught to kids which hits back the parents later on in their lives.

  • #5 Hit Me - The easiest and earliest of the vulnerable tricks that could cause damage and embarrassment is teaching a kid  to peck and slap, by holding their hands. It will look cute to see a 2 year old do that but not any further once the kid starts to speak and goes to school.
  • #4 Abuse Me - Some young parents does not truly foresee the impact of 'teaching' kids a few words of abuse "to show off" amidst their friends circle that their kid has picked up such words so early, only to realize later that their kids have become such intolerable brats because of their choice of words in conversations, having grown up.
  • #3 Denial Mode -  Many a time when kids play with something or have something in their hands, elders tend to ask them for it. Some parents teach the kids the art of denial to such requests. Kids catch up with this trick rather quickly and rather improvise to be in the denial mode even to their parents, later.
  • #2 Possessiveness  - This is just the other way round of the denial trick wherein kids stay adamant and cocky when someone takes or uses 'their' stuff. It starts from something as small as a toy to grow in proportions to as much as 'their' house when they grow up, asking their parents to leave.
  • #1 Being Disrespectful and Unapologetic - This is the most disheartening and painful one which is not taught, like the ones said above but needs to be corrected by the parents when kids behave disrespectful or speak in an unapologetic manner rather than gape and awe at their kids prowess and 'wisdom' when they do that. The reason for this being the top most because this in turn leads to the other four listed above, being 'learned' by the kids in due course of time.

      A few blessed elders does not give chance for these to creep into a kids mind and some lucky elders realize this sooner and make amends whereas MOST realize very late after a lot of damage has been done in shaping the kid and then repent for it later on, as we know "all kids are more or less the same at birth, its how they are nurtured that defines their personal aura and sets their character."
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