Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan

        Finally here we have Selvaraghavan's brain child, a couple of years after the resounding success and critical acclaim of Pudupettai. No doubt he has bettered himself (just himself) on the direction front.

The Sugar Coat
  • The first and foremost thing that grabbed the attention was its sound track which was launched long back and still topping the charts.
  • The detailing created to make a fictitious history, is laudable.
  • The make up, locales and costumes have been really wonderful and hand picked and it reflects throughout the movie.
The Shell inside
  • The story starts with the look out for the missing Prathap Pothan and apparently  post interval neither him nor Andrea Jeremiah play a role, in the movie.
  • The sort of military force used throughout, though not named explicitly Indian Army anywhere as such, fails to paint a picture of a well trained force that is ready to face the fights and challenges, which can be seen throughout.
  • The final war sequence caused some rib-tickling laughter in me, with the manner the "Warriors with guns" handled "The group with bows and arrows" and shelding the shower of arrows was a wonderful look alike from the movie 300.
  • The portrayal of army men as a group greedy for molestation and sexual abuse, towards the end of the movie is rather too cheap and disgusting.
  • The need for Karthik and his group of human wagons is just a stitch-in to make a role for him in the movie because the army men obviously must have undergone all those load carrying trainings and be capable enough to do that job themselves.
  • The remix version of the whole Original அதோ அந்த பறவை போல song was too dragging and slow for the present.
  • In the encounter with the red tribe, why did the Army head wait until the attacking tribal came too close and how come there was not a single instance of Reema Sen reloading her guns though being in the forefront, in the line of attack?
  • Why Andrea Jeremiah did not inform or share the information on any traps and risks prior to her talking about snakes?
  • Andrea Jeremiah remains grief stricken from the beginning and seem to be a person of few "sane" words and the expletive conversation with Reema Sen doesn't actually fit in for her character portrayed prior to that or even after that.
  • Kathik has demeaned the basic man instincts on all the occasions where either Reema Sen or Andrea Jermiah slapped him.
  • The liquor found by Karthik seemed to be very less and the following song  shows it in increased quantities at some scenes. Were everyone  too drunk to notice this detail?
  • The graphics is excellent at some scenes and many other scenes its evidently pathetic and primitive. 
  • Selvaraghavan hasn't yet found someone who can actually make the blood graphics look real, I think he should have taken cues from the movie 300, on this front.
  • Not sure whether it was to avoid protests and controversies from Blue Cross or something, a disclaimer on Animals is put up in the beginning and  some of the scenes that shows birds and animals lack clarity and its clearly visible that those are a cut and paste from elsewhere.
  • Why and how would a single camel be found at a place which does not have any source of food or water or even shrubs?
  • After a slave gives the Army head, a message from Reema Sen, he appears to search for signal to make a call. If it was supposedly a satellite phone he shouldn't have made such a gesture or if a normal mobile phone how was he able to get a signal at a place where there is no sign of any signal source within miles of his vicinity?
  • When he was able to perform the act of strangling Reema Sen  via her shadow, why couldn't Parthiban perform miracles on the battleground?
  • How the water (drunk by the Chola warriors) became poisonous just because Reema Sen added a few drops of her blood onto to it?
  • The sudden "drinks break" for the Chola warriors during the final battle was " a poor directorial connect"  to the fact that Reema Sen had spilt her blood in the water earlier.
  • The movie's end was neither a conclusion to the story which originally began as the conquest to find Prathap Pothan nor on the front from Reema Sen's quest for her lost goddess idol.
The Verdict...

         ஆயிரத்தில் ஒருவனை கானுபவர்களில் ஆயிரத்தில் ஒருவனாவது பாராட்டுவாரா ??
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