Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"SOFT"ware Industry Practices

      ".......Ram : Hey buddy how's your work going about  ?
            Ravan : It's really on my nerves man, had to work at least 12 hours a day and on most weekends as well...this is ridiculous and initially I thought it was because of some project deadline......I'm not that stupid to still believe that eight months down the lane...but what to do....got used to it man!!!
              Ram : Yeah....same story with me as well man...I thought at least you would've something different and happy to say about it......"

            Does this conversation sound familiar?? Are you just one amongst the few in the software industry having experienced or have heard of such a situation ?? If your answer is  YES to any of these questions then welcome to this industry.

            Here are some industry practices which can be found quite familiar at many corporates in the software industry.
  • Desktops, Laptops, Meeting rooms, White boards, Projectors and Engineers are all collectively called as RESOURCES.
  • All the RESOURCES are taken for granted to be available for work, 24x7.
  • RESOURCES asking questions citing the HR policies of the company are often marked.
  • RESOURCES who are slogging throughout without questioning whatsoever are quoted as examples of VALUABLE resources and are eye-washed by being given appraisals (which should have normally been given as remuneration to all who clock extra hours at work).
  • RESOURCES who speak of the facts and raise the relevant questions pertaining to project planning are considered to have attitude problems and team compatibility issues.
  • Redundancy of doing the same work is termed as Quality check.
  • Freshers are entitled to have training on umpteen technologies irrespective of whether they're going to work on it or not.
  • The training period for the freshers will extend indefinitely until the company decides to  make them permanent.
  • Switching from one company to another at any level of designation is a frequent affair and some even call it a necessity for career growth.
  • Some RESOURCES take advantage of the various work policies like work from home or flexible timings etc to the worst extent (burying all work ethics) that the HRs would by no other choice curb those polices and put in place some stringent ones, making a deep impact (unpleasant of course) in the work environment paving a way for higher attrition rates even.
 The above list will be updated as more views and inputs flow in.
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