Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who Am I? #1

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I am neither the Police nor the Military

but I've prevented possible wars.

I am neither Elvis Presley nor Micheal Jackson

but decedents of mine have given many,

 some of the best moments of their lives.

 Shy, Silent, Embarrassed & Ignorant

are some adjectives

that describe the mood of conversations involving me.

Series Synopsis - Blog Link / FB Link

Who Am I? - Series Synopsis

Who Am I?

         Its a series of riddles, to tickle and harness your mind and possibly extract answers out of it. The entire series would consist of individual riddles aimed at boiling down to a specific answer. Each of the riddles may point to anything in this universe, be it an object or a person or even to a word in English. The riddles may be a mix and match of genres of directness, ambiguity, philosophy or even a parody. Help yourselves with the riddles and get back to this page in a few days for the result of the most recently published riddle (if you could not figure out yourself). Feedback and contributions in this regard are most welcome. 

  • Riddle #1                                                                     Answer
  • Riddle #2                                                                     Answer  
  • Riddle #3                                                                     Answer
  • Riddle #4                                                                     Answer
  • Riddle #5                                                                     Answer
  • Riddle #6                                                                 Answer
  • Riddle #7                                                                     Answer
  • Riddle #8                                                                     Answer
  • Riddle #9                                                                     Answer
  • Riddle #10                                                                   Answer
  • Riddle #11                                                                    Answer
  • Riddle #12

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love at First Sight

It was at a b'day party,

I saw her for the first time.

Love gushed through my veins 


I was flirting with her all along, 


she remained unperturbed, silent



on whatever she was up-to.

Asked a friend for her name.

"Canon EF50mm Lens"

was the reply.

"What a Creation"

I sighed...!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

World Headlines in 2060 - America #2

"Barack Obama is set to receive his 10th Nobel Peace Prize, his first posthumously !!!"

    The most successful and powerful President, The United States has ever seen, is set to receive his 10th Nobel Peace Prize (posthumously of course) and there is no one in the history of Nobel Laureates to achieve and be recognized so much.  Some even say that if his achievements are listed out on A4 sheets at one deed per line, with the sheets clipped together making a link, it would be long enough to make a complete circle around the earth. But then he (Mr.Obama) just chided away such an idea when someone suggested just before his death as it seemed as a cheap publicity stunt in his eyes. He was aware of his 10th slated peace prize well in advance before his demise and even before the Nobel Peace Prize committee even sat down to list out the probables for this year and hence Mr.Obama has recorded a Nobel Peace Prize reception speech which would incidentally be the first of its kind in Nobel Laureates  history and it would be aired during the reception ceremony. 

         Remembering the first instance Mr.Obama was awarded the peace prize, a veteran Nobel Committee member was heard telling "We at the Nobel Peace Prize Committee were very much impressed on listening to his first run up to Presidency speeches, doting the slogan <Vote for Change>. We passed a resolution unanimously voting for a change in the way of giving away Nobel Peace Prizes too. The resolution was the idea of including those people who may possibly work in the future for the cause of maintaining or restoring peace around the world as a potential candidate for the Peace Prize and Barack Obama was the first and only such recipient till date to win a Nobel Prize that way." We do indeed hope that the world would become a Peace Haven with The United State's successful conquest of 'de-terrorizing'  78th consecutive country, as a tribute to Mr.Obama, who's soul will surely rest in peace, 10 times...!!!
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