Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love at First Sight

It was at a b'day party,

I saw her for the first time.

Love gushed through my veins 


I was flirting with her all along, 


she remained unperturbed, silent



on whatever she was up-to.

Asked a friend for her name.

"Canon EF50mm Lens"

was the reply.

"What a Creation"

I sighed...!!!


  1. I checked out that chick and guess what!!!! SHE IS ON SALE !!!!!!
    U are hanging out with the wrong kind of women dude!!

    Buy her here

  2. No surprise on that cos in a country like ours with such "traditional" marriage policies, I am sure all the brides are "On sale" in some extent or the other, in the name of giving and taking dowry..!!! Hence people don't think those girls as the aforementioned dude.

  3. Yeah they dont think!! coz.. here u get the money and the girl :P ....but above u have to pay :(

    Long live male chauvinist society .....

  4. just thinking abt it .. some fun 55 words .. proving to be tooo much thought provoking .. if this being a gd .. would have said wandering off topic STOP !! STOP


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