Friday, October 8, 2010

Who's dumb?

We were schoolmates until 6th grade.

His parents made him drop out 

as he was a shame 

being the dumbest of guys on every possible front.

We never crossed roads, for years.

Following my IAS, I found I was posted in the State 

where he served as the 

Minister for Higher Education!!!


  1. really a nice one saravana!!! :) Everyone has a chance in their lifes.. i ve taken this in a positive connotation.. if that's what u meant!! :)

  2. Its like never judge a book by its cover... We may not know the true message until we read it... a good one...

  3. one thing i should appreciate is ur choice of picture for each blog da... really great...

  4. @Padhu - Well, I would say your take has given me a new angle to look at it...!!! Thanks for dropping by :)

    @Lalitha - Another viewpoint, nice :)


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