Monday, October 18, 2010

Why not Mommy?

From the day she conceived

till the day she felt I could take care of myself 

I grew up on her care, concern, teachings, wisdom and what not,

only to realize that

 the world was so chauvinistic 

cos almost everyone's "getting to know me as a kid" conversations 

began with the question

"What's your father?"


  1. Its Not Only In this Case Da!!!in Each N Every Profession!!! No true Men/women Who really worked hard for others !!!! Anywayzz Gud one da!!!

  2. its really nice yaar... nice thoughts

  3. kanla thanni eh vandhuduchu da..

  4. :) Super thought and it is the fact... hard to digest but good you had put it in words for others to realise...... Keep up your work

  5. @Sravanth - Yeah I know man...
    @Sanam - I am glad to hear about the power of thoughts and feelings...
    @all - thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts...!!!


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