Monday, November 1, 2010

The 3Gs for being a TRUE Human-being !!!

   The term 3G has been abuzz throughout India for quite sometime now with NTT DOCOMO all set to revolutionize the 3G space in India. As a part of this 3G Life Contest in collaboration with Indiblogger, the following are the 3 Gs for LIFE, according to me.

  • The power to GIVE - We Indians have always been caring, concerned and philanthropic to our best capabilities at occasions that demanded it, be it for the poor or for the homeless, or for calamity / disaster victims and the oppressed and yeah I am proud to say there are countless such INDIANs who have achieved this, all single-handedly and I really hope many more of us take cues from them on this cause.
  • The power to GATHER - With the need for the quickest possible ways for all that we GIVE to reach the respective needy people, it requires a tremendous teamwork of efforts. Hence came the existence of NGOs and other philanthropic boards that succeeded gathering resources (Workforce, Charity Marathon Events, Public Awareness etc) to make the achieve this noble-hearted goal in a every possible manner. Hence it is not just suffice if we start being individual philanthropists but we need to GATHER as a team and achieve the goal of making India a better place to live, for everyone.
  • The act of taking it GLOBAL - This journey of philanthropy should not stop with taking care of our needy fellow Indians but extend our helping hands to any Country or Community who're in dire need of the basic amenities too and strive for making every HUMAN BEING in this world LIVE a life rather than merely EXIST.

With the penetration of mobiles in almost everyone of our day to day lives, I am more than convinced that with the true speeds that the 3G technology has in the offing one can achieve or rather even revolutionize the above 3Gs with it!!!

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  1. Hey. Nice one. But , I thought the contest closed on Aug 5th itself.

  2. Well..the Contest page said this one closes on 5th Nov though..!!!

  3. The power of speed we are seeing is just a tip of iceberg, there are yet many G's to follow and even the way today's cell phones might one change, who knows few years from now nano technology might such be that sim would be implanted in our brain but for today its just a science fiction... anyway promoted your post as you wished :D

  4. this is awesome!


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