Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Her Outburst

She was with me, everywhere.

I used to frequently check how she was doing

while she remained silent, mostly.

Left her back home forgetfully once,

I felt crippled all day that day.

Only to get back and realize,

 she had cried a lot that day

as her home screen read

"17 missed calls, 24 Messages"


  1. Nice one Charan... short, sweet and smart

  2. Indeed very creative... congrats on achieving that milestone.. enjoyed reading your 55ers and of course they have inspired me to experiment as well

  3. @Anuraag - Thanks a ton :)
    @Pallavi - Awww....i am sad that you've suspended your blog :(

  4. Make it to cry more da!!! so that u can achieve Miles!!! Congrats Machaa great one!!!!

  5. @Sravanth - Enna oru vakra budhi unakku...

  6. a 55er was manufactured at the cost of your carelessness..!!! as always..too gud..!!

  7. Nice one charan... can understand well on how ur day went when she wasn't with u....

  8. @Mind Voice - Well then this post would be like a publicity stunt for some carelessness :)
    @Lalitha - Experience is it? And for you its a HE, rite ;)?


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