Friday, November 12, 2010

From Hider's Den

    The recent interview and news sharing has brought to light that Zulqarnain, who's sweetly referred by PeeCeeBee as 'Hider' these days, has sought asylum in Britain. Our close sources from London has unearthed some reasons so far, behind Hider's move to Britain.
  • Hider was not sure if the South-African media had such a potential of taking him to that pinnacle of limelight that 3 of his team mates got, a few months back based on a whistle blown by NOTW.
  • The potential risks of answering / involving (sharing the limelight) with the senior team members and mostly importantly attending being-a-puppet press conferences with the team manager has been thwarted.
  • His bookies are apparently London based and his remuneration as a Pakistani cricketer was just not enough to support him on the high ISD calls rates he had to pay whenever he spoke to them.
Our London reporter was able to catch up a drink at a "Booker" hotel with a famous Bookie Mr.Paisa Power and the unconfirmed yet very strong reports suggests that in-fact the entire course of  Hider's winning performance versus SA in that ODI and seeking asylum in Britain was a small shred of a newer version of a BIG BUCKS fixing scandal. Asking him on Hider's involvment with match-fixing  and here' s what Mr.Power blurted to us on what all were fixed.
  • The selection of Hider into the National side was itself fixed, to start with.
  • The Paki team's lead sponsors are a bunch of bookies who for the first time ever booked a player (Hider in this case) to play a match winning knock.
  • On every match that Paki plays some player or the other, play a "fixed" role.
  • The retirement announcement from Hider is based on the biggest bet placed on a new comer till date in the CBL (Cricket Betting League) and incidentally this announcement was followed by the 25th anniversary of CBL wherein Hider was the guest of honor!!!
More to unfold soon...

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