Thursday, November 4, 2010

Achievement !!!

Right from the day she joined school

all she was coaxed repeatedly,

 was to excel in her education.

She topped throughout school,

further onto securing State-Ranks,

and the Gold-Medals at graduation,

was a pioneer in a ground-breaking research in her PG

and FINALLY went on to start her proud career as



  1. very true charan!! Nice one again :)

  2. with her husband as Prof.Mr.Nobel Laureate. never potray girls as powerless; evolution cudnt have shaped them this way!

  3. So true.. But I think things are changing now. Girls are educated not just to find a good match anymore. Families are being more receptive towards a girl wanting to make her own career.

    On the other hand, I do not see any reason the girl wishes to be a housewife (if SHE wants to). I know a few who are studying law or finance (their own decision, again) but their ultimate goal is to start a family of her own.

    However, nice one! Succinct and very well written.

  4. Its slowly changing... its not so bad now I think

  5. I am of opinion Girls should be free to make her choice. And Homemaker is also a full time career in my opinion. Its just it cannot expressed in terms of salary..."its priceless". I hate people, who discourage or see hommakers with down eyes..

  6. I like this one... though things are changing these days yet certain people get stagnated with being a Homemaker...I wouldn't consider homemaker as a full time job given most of the families today are nuclear families...I think still there are lots of things in which Girls need to catch up with the world.. Indeed that is for the betterment of themselves and their family and inturn to the nation...

  7. @Aish - Thanku :)
    @Sathya - Maybe true on that specific case, though I don't see numerous instances to support ur take and unfortunately there are more Homemakers sans their husband being Nobel Laureates.
    @Pooja , Vivek Barun - I do really agree that the times are changing as on date and this is just to highlight the fact that its not COMPLETELY changed.
    @Omus - I too totally stand by your point and I give a Hats-Off salute to the wonderful homemakers and with all due respects I did not mean to look down on them but the point here is that this "stated" course by which they get pushed to become a homemaker is NOT a fair deal.
    @Padhu - Very true.. :)

  8. uhumm. so you would believe that the "Mrs.Homemaker", after being a pioneer in a field, would rather meekly follow a husband, who has no bargaining power on his part, when he asks her to stay home? or, do you like to believe that those wonderful parents who could bring out such incredible potential from a girl would settle for something less than what is possible? well, i would settle for the possibility that she, like an excellent mother and wife, being an intelligent women that she is, saw greater fulfillment in life than in peer pressure, in family than in company, in happiness than in possibilities. she would have, like a scientist, learned a lot from nature! or, HE was Prof. Mr. Nobel Lauret!!


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