Monday, November 15, 2010

The Great Indian Blogologues - Bits and Pieces !!!

     History has been made and yeah for the first time EVER (from what we heard from the Stray Factory folks) a string of stand alone blogs, mostly written burning the midnight oil I guess, has been brought to light or rather should I say LIMELIGHT. Now, having watched it twice here's my take on the bits and pieces that made up this show.

Starting off with the three plays...

@Judy finds ‘The One’
  • Firstly, kudos to the director for striking a connectivity between more than a handful of posts and delivering with absolute precision and timing.
  • Its sarcastic genre has surely struck a chord at a lot of stark realities prevalent in the social and work surroundings.
  • It was appreciable that the voice audibility level imbalance between the two characters that was seen in the first screening was overcome here.
  • Bottomline: Amazing adaptation and indeed Judy found 'The One'.
@Vigilante Vs Vigilante
  • Great to see such a complex set of posts be taken in for an adaptation, honestly I couldn't comprehend completely though, still. However must say that I felt the second screening was a bit more "adapted" in an attempt to suit the audience understanding.
  • The Loan Sharkji dialogs seemed to use expletives like as if she was made to sign up for just that.
  • The crying scientist girl acting overflowed (கொடுத்த காசவிட ஜாஸ்தியா நடிச்சா) in the second screening in comparison to her apt act on the first.
  • The background score was not of much support to the scenes at hand.
  • As Inspector Sathya knew his jaab, he saved others' butts, with just bruises.
  • Bottomline: I was twice as "Vigilante" as I could be, both the times but still the clone escaped over my head.
@Confessions of a scattered a mind
  • The first thing that came up in mind was the musical touch that I enjoyed and it was truly refreshing after a befitting fighting-for-samosa break. Must say that the scientist had a good singing potential.
  • The idea of using a mime to create a traffic jam on-stage was truly laudable, hands down but I did not know why it was a wee hour traffic jam rather than a peak hour jam.
  • Mr.Modi was amazing and might have left the real Modi gaping for a moment, had he watched.
  • The character Anuraag struck a good balance in his intonation and rendition and for sure the script did complete justice to the blog post.
  • The என் இனிய தமிழ் மக்கள் who "filled" the last part were good on their accent, body language and voice throw but not on the substance.
  • Bottomline: Truly lived up-to its name and kept the audience mind scattered.
Moving on-to the collaborators...

  • Its pretty evident to know that Indiblogger has grown to the extent of being looked upon as a pioneer in showcasing Indian Blogger talents and no one else would've been a better choice for Stray Factory for this venture, than you folks.
  • Kindly stick to timelines when showing promotions for shows like this and remove it or update it upon completion of the shows because the first thing I still see logging into your forum is the blogologue tab with 'Buy Tickets' button for the 31st Oct show, STILL. It gives a feel that the site has been cobwebbed due to some poor site administration. There are quite a few more for which this is not the space for me to highlight though.
  • Bottomline: Indiblogger will surely make it to that coveted world level showcase SOONER, sans these technical glitches.

  • I know you guys have the potential to have pulled off even a larger, bigger and more 'realistic' traffic jam. No idea whether what you had showcased was all, that was expected by the director.
  • Your part in the second show did not do justice as to what the first show did and there was an evident lapse of coordination which I am sure you people would've realized already.
  • Bottomline: The performance was way below par off a trademark MacTrics performance.

  • I was very much disappointed and confused with your performance, which was just like a background score in bringing the cast and crew on stage in the first show.
  • However, I am blessed to have made it to the second show wherein I had been a witness of the true potential of what you were capable off. I loved and enjoyed your  scintillating performance on stage.
  • The lyrics was well scripted and stuck up-to the message that you wanted to convey.
  • It made me decide to get a copy of your tracks if it has been released already.
  • Bottomline: HIP HOP தமிழா உனக்கு நான் தலை வணங்குகிறேன்.

  • The sync-up, discussions, brain-storming sessions with the blog authors were truly up-to the expectations and the run-up to the event was well informed as well.
  • The live-recorded conversational pair debuted truly in style and sure it was well received by the audience too.
  • I'm rather surprised to notice that the 'LCD Screen Conversations' worked picture perfect for 'Judy...' but not for 'Confessions...' on both the screenings, with a little improvement for 'Confessions...' on the second show making not much of an impact though.
  • The lighting and audio queues are definitely something that should be on the MUST IMPROVE list as it faltered and the actors on stage had to cover up for it.
  • The props management needs fine tuning as well, or maybe the bad light-queuing made this look a bit clumsy especially in the second screening.
  • Though the LIMELIGHT objective was achieved, the Bloggers were not given a worthwhile mention, on either of the shows.
  • All said and done, yet again a must say is that this is indeed an amazing venture and I'm sure you guys will go places.
  • Bottomline: Stray Factory bravely strayed into the unexplored and the unheard off domains and no doubt are en-route a firm path towards fame, achievements and accolades from a growing audience, each time.


  1. Wow, now THIS is a review. Sadly, I couldn't make it the second show on Nov 13, but from what I've been told, a lot more tweaking was done, and for the better. :)

  2. Two Thumbs up for the review, my man!

  3. As a part Of theater Team we have to accept the flaws!! we doo!!! For sure we will do our justice in upcoming showz!!! we hope that ur next review on us will have a better keys!!!! we will work on it foe that!!!!


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