Monday, November 8, 2010

Mr.Chovan Held Kobama's Hand Longer Than Expected

      For the first time in the history of Send-Off ceremonies, Mr.Ashog Chovan was seen SHAKING HANDS with Mr.Kobama LONGER than that was defined by the Protocol draft and in-fact the Protocol Minister Juresh Jetty was seen restless having witnessed the incident from close-quarters.

   "With reports and comments flowing in from various Government establishments, we're still unaware of the reason for Mr.Chovan's unruly act." - An FBI Security Chief at the Mumbai Airport

The White House was the first to react stating "This incident is totally unacceptable and we've called on a High-Level Meet to assess ALL the possible security breaches summing up-to this."

"We had been briefing and making 'these people' in India, on how to shake hands with Mr.Kobama and now with this lapse we have identified that Mr.Chovan had skipped the last two training sessions. We sure will take this issue with our Indian Intelligence Counterparts ASAP" - The CIA Chief-In-Charge of Security at the Send-Off location.

A Sting operation by INN-CBN has released EXCLUSIVE INN-CBN watermarked video tapes of the disgruntled Mr.Jetty post the incident sighing - "He (Mr.Chovan) did not have the latest Protocol Script v5.0. and He did not pay attention to me as well."

Ms.Rirupama Nao of the Ministry of External Affairs stated  - "Its too soon to comment on this and we are yet to receive any formal report / complaint from our US counterparts."

With various Indian National News Television agencies already in full preparations to bring out their versions of discussing this ISSUE of NATIONAL SHAME, our close sources revealed that 
  • Sardeep Rajdesai of INN-CBN has already roped-in THREE PROTOCOL Experts from both India and US to discuss this issue prime-time tonight along with a strong contingent of 25 other experts.
  • Proving they're not too shy at this game, NDeTV has asked Ms.Darka Bhatt to audition a set of 100 young people between the ages 20-30 based on who-claps-the-loudest and air a show prime-time tonight discussing this issue. 
  • Nimes TOW has already started Breaking News as I speak, raising questions of speculative nature like...
    • Whom to blame?? Was it Mr.Kobama or Mr.Chovan, who held the hand LONGER??
    • Could this be a publicity stunt by Mr.Chovan to make up for his Adarsh SCAM???
    • Did Mr.Chovan just follow "orders" of the Congress High Command in doing this???
    • Was there a foreign HAND involved in this incident???
  • The rest of the National English Channels are busy watermarking each of OUR photo stock as EXCLUSIVELY theirs.
With camera person Will-capture-all-footage Singh, this is I-am-the-news-breaker Patel for Pee Tee Aai, signing off!!!


  1. Cool da! Good start! :)
    I can see a bit of inspiration from fakeiplplayer. :)

    My suggestion is to use funnier, meaningful names for the characters in addition to just being rhyming.

  2. Thanks boss...will have ur inputs in mind...for the next one... :)


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