Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Great Indian Business!!!

     Pulling off a deal these days are no more "talk, impress and win over" sorts. With the advent of internet and exposure of it to wide range of people happening at a terrific pace, business with the ones across the globe has become something  like what everyone is doing these days. Hence with the evolution of the competitive market there has been principles defined and reference models setup. According to those, every business has its own stages from start to finish as a life cycle. 

Identifying the requirement
  • The needs are perfectly charted out.
  • The expectations of what all is required is set.
  • The add on features (if any required) are also outlined.
Advertising the needs
  • Though there are possibilities of potential local suppliers, it is very much essential to showcase our need in any form of advertisements, for a wider reach and quality offers.
  • The quality of the ads must also be crisp, clear and concise, explaining the intent.
Short-listing the possible suppliers
  • With the perfect execution of the previous two phases, one can be sure of getting a lot of quotations from diverse locations.
  • The short-listing of the ones should be carried out carefully having in mind the Cap-Ex and Op-Ex.
  • It is no surprise that these days the reputation of the supplier is very important and maybe their history can be verified for it.
Negotiating the Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Once having identified the supplier, the terms and conditions are put forth by either parties.
  • The possibilities of how best can be supplied and how far it meets the expectation is sorted out.
Striking a deal
  • When a consensus is reached, the contract is formulated between the customer and the supplier i.e  in technical terms the "SLA" is framed.
  • The deal is struck with the provisional or whole-sum release of funds (as per the SLA) with the deadline for delivery being set.
Support and maintenance
  • Usually the suppliers offer the support and maintenance which many a time is  negotiated as a part of the initial supply deal itself.
  • Or sometimes the customer opts for a deal later, based on the working and performance of the product.

We Indians vary geographically and economically as well as in language, culture, habits, heritage  however the above is what is followed in the traditional

"Indian Arranged Marriage"

by giving unique names to each of the processes stated above and abiding by ones respective culture and tradition.

PS: This does not purport that all arranged  marriages are this way.

PPS: Any resemblance to the way  a marriage that has happened or about to happen you know is purely a coincidence and unintentional.

PPPS: Love marriages too are taking cues from these, nowadays.


  1. SLA is very important man! Even in a marriage! Hahaha! Super da! I knew you were going somewhere with that theory! Never expected it to be a marriage though! :)

  2. hey u compared arranged indian marriages as business deal! clever ha! never thought like this! good one!


  3. Now! thats a damn good way of explaining how arrange marriages work here...

  4. @Restless , @Pallavi - Thanks people...

  5. Good comparison of project deal with marriage !!!.

  6. never knew u had so much of a business rather sophisticated thought about marriage ..... after some time of working and looking at arranged marriages, hats off to ur thinking and comparison .... way to go :):) shows good business thinking

  7. I like the PPPS part.. definitely its not only arranged marriages happpening this way.. even love marriages is a business these days.. a guy/gal has to sell their good characteristics to the other sex..isn't it ?

  8. @Santhosh - Thanks man :)
    @Priya - Yeah, experience talks.
    @Saras - Ofcourse everything is being looked at, for it selling point thesedays wat to do...


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