Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Top Five Questions Asked To A Newly Wed Guy

           There are absolutely infinite things to ask a guy who has recently gotten married but guess what, the reality doesn't happen to be that way and all people do is circle around only a selective few in varied forms and manners for reasons unknown. The questions mostly range from totally irrelevant to being unreasonably inquisitive in nature. Here are those that top that list...
  • #5 -  How is life treating you 'now'? | As if I have recovered from coma or some deadly disease.
  • #4 - You seem to have put on / lost weight, haven't you? | One amongst this is chosen either randomly or maybe in comparison of the questioner.
  • #3 -  How were your 'thala' festival(s)? | Once in a lifetime question set in the southern flavor.
  • #2 - Where did you go for honeymoon? | Maybe to say same pinch or what?
  • #1 - Any good news? | Can never resist asking this, can they?
Its a strong hunch that these exist across the country / region / religions in its respective own ways and that it makes us Indians what we are!!!


  1. mams, nice list. What else can we ask to strike a conversation. I am little different on the honeymoon one. I always, "How's your honeymoon? huh!?".

    I hate the #1. especially the way they frame it. Good news. Annoys me big time. I am still a bachelor you know it, but still I know how you feel. :)

    Take care.

  2. Heya...I didn't ask any of the #5s...do I come under normal category? But get ready to answer all in the next meet..blink-blink...

  3. @Maran - Soon you'll get to the other side man!!!

    @Sanjeeta - Those who haven't asked are the abnormally sane ones ;)


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