Monday, September 23, 2013

The Lunch Box Review


           There are times where the movies are enjoyed just because the popcorn turns out to have extra butter. There are a few other times where the movie has a lot of food for thought that one never gets hungry down under. The Lunch Box truly befits the latter. For a Hindi illiterate person this was my first Hindi movie in a theater in more than a decade and must admit that the trailer won me over in first place.

  • Firstly, one must appreciate the director for having showcased a six sigma organization's THAT ONE fault in all of a million transactions. 
  • Secondly, reality neither has a specific hero introduction and nor typically a climax sequence and that is precisely what you can expect.
  • This movie is about relationships and its issues, of those with some grey on their heads.
  • A non-cliche at-home wife, who handles emotional blows with believable contemplations and level headed approach.
  • A story having those who started as orphans to those who became orphans.
  • Characters are cast sparingly and all that is unnecessary has been trimmed down including one who does not a voice as well as a voice which did not need a face.
  • Lastly, the movie closes and not ends in a sense leaving it wide open for the audience to contemplate!


      It's a three course carrier meal in a fine dining experience sans the need for extra spice or the digestive mouth-fresheners!

1 comment:

  1. The "Lunchbox" is a movie with a proper central idea and some award winning actors who have weighed each and every shot they delivered, with conscience. Be it,the salt and pepper look Irfan has adorned to portray a middle aged man who is so softly bonded in a love tie with Ila over wafts of desi khana packed and delivered my Mumbai's famous Dabbawallas,sweet and simple as her name...Nimrat Kaur looked every bit of a beautiful young housewife who longs for "choti choti khushiyan" in the drama.A Powerful direction by Ritesh Batra but amidst all this...somehow I feel the climax could have been justified in a more resolute manner. It's good to leave your audience in a contemplative mood....but with a proper sense of approach to arrive at,what exactly the author intends to convey.


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