Friday, July 31, 2015

What's a befitting tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam?

  For what he as done, said & lived, is a public holiday, candle march or rather a visit to his birth town a mark of tribute?

Here's a long list of what ideally could be a pledge in honor of one of the finest modern statesmen the world has ever seen.

"I take a vow with utmost sincerity & dedication to the grand old Missile Man of India and offer to stand by it no matter what the circumstance would be, that at least from this day..."

As an Academician

   I would envision & formulate an education system that would not just make the children educated but truly learned.

As a Teacher

   I would empower my students with my knowledge & experience as well as be open to learn and update myself in the process as well.

As a Student

  With a rational mindset I would learn, understand, question & even debate what is unveiled to me both inside as well as outside of schools.

 As The President of India

    I would expedite all mercy petitions in shortest turnaround time with due diligence in the process. I would also uphold the idealism of my office in terms of how a First Citizen needs to be like how Bharat Ratna Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam exhibited.

As a Politician

   I would be simple, honest and ethical in my words as well as activities and would abide by the rules laid down by the constitution in the truest of senses & work for the best interest of the nation, state, district, town, panchayat in same the stated order devoid of any interferences in the name of religion, caste or family.

As a Government Servant

  I would carry out my work with utmost care, diligence & timeliness unfettered by the lures of personal favors, be it from bureaucrats, politicians or general public.

As a Policeperson 

  I would protect, serve & uphold justice as laid down by the codes of conduct and provide a shoulder to trust upon at all times of anyone's personal duress, without an iota of expectation of return of favors in terms of money or material from the affected folks.

As a Lawyer

  I would wholeheartedly believe in the Indian Penal Code & represent my party in an impeccable manner till the exhaustion of all possible legal remedies and accept the judgement with grace.

As a Judge

  I would give a fair hearing to the prosecution as well as the defense and provide a comprehensive and conclusive judgement at the shortest time possible that would carry utmost merit and would stand to be upheld if there exists a provision of further appeal.

As a Journalist

  I would apply my mind in clearly distinguishing what news & opinions are and publish it in the appropriate way only upon verifying the authenticity of facts at hand. I shall uphold the ethical integrity that befits the fourth pillar and remain non-partisan on all counts.

As a Doctor

  I would diagnose & treat the health issues with my best judgement for anyone who seeks my expert medical advice without any profit-making motives whatsoever.

As an Engineer

  In the process of nation building on all possible ways I would strive to be an engineer based on my prowess rather than work as an engineer for paltry sums for survival.

As an Entrepreneur 

  I would envision and execute ventures that not just serves a particular section to the society but rather the world at large having in mind, of it not being an impediment to all the rudimentary assets of nature & our environment.

As an Indian

  I would 
  • keep my vicinity clean.
  • abide by the rules and laws of the nation be from the smallest to the gravest.
  • embrace religious beliefs of any faith if it is ethical, righteous & gives me a better guidance in life.
  • be proud to use locally made goods, be it of any nature and in turn support the process of making it a much sought-after one, globally.
  • spread positivity to others and always be helpful to people around.
  • take care of nature and nurture it as my own for a better world in the future.
  • vote without any sectarian bias for anyone whom I believe is the right person to take the country in the right way.


  1. Good thinking. My way of tribute is following in letter & spirit, what he said..


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