Saturday, November 14, 2009

Discriminations - Unnoticed or rather unheeded..!!!

Gender, Color, Religion, Caste, Status, Nationality...etc
      The above list goes on and there had been countless occasions of discrimination where people have experienced and fought against many of these both in vain as well been successful. The word DISCRIMINATION has gained so much importance, sensitiveness and  no surprise it has become a weapon in politics.The above mentioned are some widespread and popular ones however if we just stop a while and take a look, there are quite a set of unnoticed discrimination that are still prevalent in the world around us.
    • As a kid in school the same mistake done by a girl gets a different treatment that of the same being done by a boy.
    • A younger one is almost always muted out of a conversation by the parents or other elders without neither having the slightest idea of the point they were about to make nor giving them an opportunity or space to participate.
    • Going out with friends has always been a piece of cake for guys and not for girls, be it any age.
    • Most buses have seats especially marked for ladies and the rest is untagged and hence ladies too sometimes sit there and no fuss is made until a guy sits in a seat marked up for ladies.
    • When standing in a queue never a guy is pitied upon and made to jump the queue where as a girl is.
    • The girls alone have to change their last names and many change their initials too upon marriage, hope some have their identity spared at least.
    • The dowry system is still at large, exclusively demanded from girls, for ages now.
    • Neither the society nor the family will question a guy who remarries because his wife can't bear a child but will react to the worst possible extent that they won't even let a girl think of remarrying someone else because her husband's impotency.
    • There is no part of the world and even the world that proposed and practiced male polygamy accepted the polygamy of females.
    • Even Barak Obama seems to have got the Peace prize not for his contribution to world peace but just that he's Black American.
    • In local news media, its Flash news if its about Karunanidhi (DMK) or Jayalalitha (ADMK)  but the news about the rest of the world is just secondary.
    • In the so called National media or the English news channels its breaking news even before rain hits New Delhi or Mumbai but its just news even after the casualties of the flood elsewhere in the country.
    • In Orkut or FB, a community or person hosting a picture of Indian flag burning  is reported as abuse but not many bother to realize and help the actual Indian dying out of hunger, on the streets.
    • Even the local native people started to accustom to believe Hindi or English being the medium of socially acceptable and appreciable language,music, culture, fashion, food and what not, compared to their native ones.
    • In addition to that in service based entities like Gymnasiums, Spa, Disco etc....playing an English or Hindi song is termed cultural and even an etiquette but never a local native music, though umpteen good ones may exist.
    • Dosas and Idlies have become once in a long time as compared to the daily burgers pizzas or dhabas.
    • Though available in abundance and good for health as well, water is replaced by carbonated drinks by many people as a thirst quencher in-between meals.
    • Almost every FMCG to automobiles and to mobile service provider make many of their advertisements neither in Indian locale nor use Indians actors but the products are marketed for being sold to Indians.
    • Though men and women shop to their best possible extent, the variety of products are incomparably a lot for ladies than for men.
    • The Indian movies are 99.99 % are themed for male actors and female actors just enjoy the so called glamorous heroine part, almost always.
    • Internet is not spared nevertheless, the voice and video traffic is deemed high priority when compared to the  helpless data traffic.
    • Last of this list and definitely my personal best in the list of discrimination is the age old game of chess where the White is always the first one to make a move, till date.


    1. i think we are getting to see the whole new side of charan .... my god you have observed and shared such minute things of life that have actually caught many people 's eyes but not many have wanted to write .... the very word DISCRIMINATION made me read it .. making a fuss about issues in the bus is something that we see day in day out and women fussing on such issues is only because its only after so many decades of torture and trouble that they are actually taking a step forward to express there views and more so even after proving to the society that they are capable enough people still think twice or even a 100 times to accept there views ........
      "weird society and weird people "

    2. my guess is , those in power are going for "quick-fixes" by following a "two wrongs make a right" strategy .

      as for the last but one point , LOL . you cant get networking off your mind , can you ?

    3. very thoughtful indeed and many more can be added to the list, infact i feel the list is never ending, one can just go on and on.

    4. 1.It is one's choice whether to have soda or water and I dont see how either of these are related to discrimination between people in any way.
      Also,Soda isnt actually preferred so much as you say in families with a traditional culture.
      2.And what do you mean by voice and video traffic being high priority and data traffic being helpless?
      People can use the internet for any need they want and it doesn't make any difference what the data is being used on.


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