Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why not be a terrorist?

                With the economic crunch being felt heavily all over the world for the past year or so, people are finding it really tough to get a job. At this juncture, looking at the day to day incidents happening in the world, here's one avenue that is always booming and recruiting. 
  • Here's where firing in the true sense that takes place and that's a part of your job.
  • There are no non understandable HR policies, Team Leads or Managers.
  • You will not need your passport, proof of residence, not even your real name, but just the spirit and passion to join.
  • Those with experience on Project IGI, Counter Strike genre of games are given higher preference.
  • After the training, your put up "on-site" for sure, sometimes the training too is "on-site".
  • Hands-on experience, on world's advanced technologies.
  • Just a hint of information on your organization's activity will be a heartthrob for News media houses worldwide and will be the top priority on their broadcasts.
  • However its just your luck or rather fate how long you survive depending on various factors such the area of posting, job description etc.
  • Guess what, certain countries offer top class treatment, facilities, free food and shelter, healthcare,  world-wide media publicity and what not, you name it and you got it.
  • Of course, in this job too there are one or two dream workplaces where, even if you get caught red-handed by the Police, you would be given everything as mentioned previously,under their protection and one can live longer.
  • Surprisingly this is one the few jobs which guarantee you a long virtual life after your death because you might appear often on History Channel, for years.
  • Depending on your "at-work skills", Wikipedia may even dedicate an exclusive page on your name with information right from about the first cloth that wiped your a** to the last cloth that covered your face, for the world to know.
With so many perks which no common man can imagine in their regular lives, no wonder its not a surprise that many, world-wide are silently realizing this potential avenue and preparing  themselves to be a part of it. Who knows, maybe in near future there will be universities offering degrees to master the pure art of terrorism.


  1. Hmmm.. there is a study that says terrorists wet their bed at nights! do you know??? anyways... why not wet it.. you have got other things there!!!!

  2. Never knew that u could come up with such an idea .....i think the proverb -"terrorists are not born they are made" came up only with such excellent facilities that they get to have .... i think who want to have royal treatment all there life and even later should definitely read this .

  3. call me cynical or a pessimist or conservative, but why is terrorism increasingly projected in such a light-hearted manner ? poor taste , IMO .
    have most people come to accept terrorism as a part of life ?

  4. Ok Mr.Cynical,
    a) If something is discussed on the lighter side it doesn't actually mean it's really existent that way.
    b) I think you have not heard of people in Iraq or Gaza Strip, cos if terrorism was not accepted as a part of life there it would've been like Antartica now.

  5. regarding gaza or iraq , if people really took terrorism for granted , there wouldn't be any rebellions . for instance , israel "terrorises" palestinians . contrary to what you say , most palestinians are openly protesting against israel . sometimes violently as well . which is why hamas made a small but significant mark during its recent battle with israel .
    not sure about iraq .there are so many factions ,I have no idea who is attacking whom .


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