Monday, December 7, 2009

Western We - Part I

    The impact of the western world on our country and people has been slow and steady but gradually on the ever increasing trend only. The impact has been very diverse on various fields with the likes of IT/ITES, Fashion, Entertainment, Marketing, Business Model,Life-style,  Health, Culture, Beliefs, Food, Tourism, Terrorism, etc.

As a summation of those above, here are certain aspects which broadly fall under
  1. What we have learned from the Western World
  2. What we have failed to learn from the Western World
It has been categorized as comparative one and hence would make a lot of sense to go further  in such a similar manner i.e 1 vs 1... 2 vs 2 etc.

What we have learned from the Western World
  1. The easily noticeable and foremost thing is their english accent or slang or however one can term it and we have started to accept that as the standard and acceptable way to speak that language.
  2. Take the camera and shoot millions of photographs and videos of the numerous places we visit, and share with our friends and family as well as on social networking sites like FB, Orkut etc.
  3. Try out their beachwear on ourselves and  enjoy the sensual freedom as well.
  4. Wear, consume or use foreign brands and pay little or no heed to our local brand equivalents.
  5. Their style, fashion and etiquettes, and we have westernized our Indian practices on these wherever possible.
What we have failed to learn from the Western World
  1. Their interest and awe to learn other languages but NEVER forgo or disregard theirs as the primary language.
  2. Do the same thing however with a lot more sense and  idealize a story out of it and make the people around the world know about it using platforms like NGC, Discovery etc.
  3. Their mindset to look at people in beachwear with no difference and don't give a damn for what we are wearing (at least in most cases) however here it varies from curses to blunt stares and from intimidation to assault.
  4. Promote the local brands onto the global platform as well as take the cue from them on their idea of importing the processed goods from us, adding their brand label on them and selling it back to us.
  5. Learn and try out other fashion, style or etiquettes from elsewhere and make a separate business case out of it and make profits but rather not fiddle and dilute their as such existing practices.
to be continued...


  1. Only Indians give a great damn about all these things.. There are many many things that the western world has learnt from India.. This is a free world.. I would say one must learn to live the way he/she likes it.. The phrase break the rules must become obsolete! why do we need to have rules in first place???

  2. my comments wud wait till d part 2 s released.. but for now @ Chiju its really proud to know tat WEST has learned a lot from us. There is a small demarcation between "the way he/she likes to live & breaking the rules" and this world exits on this balance. This demarcation defines humanity i believe..!!!

  3. great post . but , I believe the times are changing now . national pride is on a rise . and people are no longer blindly aping the west ( at least not the way they used to , some 10-20 years back).

    a completely free world = a lawless world .
    in other words ,a nightmare .
    If i remember it right , you were commenting the other day about some people who disobeyed traffic rules :) .

  4. @Ganesh & Pradeep
    When i said free, i think it was pretty clear that I meant free from judgement of how you should live (eg: wearing the clothes u like/eating the food u like etc.) by others and not not the LAW as such!
    Rules not only mean the rules written by the government!

  5. @chiju.. i never implied LAW...!! its tat thot of living wich makes nd our society happy nd no harm s done outta tat..!!!


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