Saturday, December 19, 2009

Divide and Rule

           The Divide and Rule is not something new to hear about, at least for someone in the Indian-subcontinent. It has been used here in the past as one of the most effective and successful policies of all, in the world. All those who don't have a clue of their middle school history lessons can have a look at here and others can continue further on.

The Present Divide and Rule policy

     What's it all about? - The divide and rule policy at present is very less, in the lines of what was prevalent in our country under the British rule. However its a clear, violent and tag less civil war. There are a few perspectives to look at and they are as listed below in the order of precedence from the least to the most, which is the reason for the divide and rule as such to materialize. 
  • Social and Geographical edge : The cultural impact, standard of living of the people,  social standard and of course the geographical inhibitions of the terrain and the Human as the resource, in large numbers, is the LAMP.
  • Economical edge :  The economic status, growth and prospects w.r.t other regions surrounding it and at most times highlighted as the most important reason. This is ideally to be considered the OIL for this policy.
  • The Political sphere : The people who're so vehemently protesting for this to happen, speak in terms of the importance and necessity of the two stated above however what they really have in mind is the lust for power and position more than anything else. Hence this leads us to what the FIRE is, that burns the OIL in the LAMP.
        After the proposed "divide" is complete, the "rule" starts and the FIRE being blown out with the LAMP and OIL taken care similar to the candle on top of a birthday cake, after its blown out.

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