Sunday, December 13, 2009

Western We - Part II

...continued from Part I

What we have learned from the Western World
  1. The moment we're adolescent, we "expect" ourselves to be treated on par by our parents and others, in opinions, decision making, being independent etc.
  2. To deal with terrorism we've set up the NIA ( National Investigation Agency), supposedly the dubbed Indian version of the FBI.
  3. We appreciate The Academy Award as the best recognition a movie can get, be it in any language, in the world.
  4. Being a part of one of the hundreds of BPOs and KPOs around in our country, we would've definitely come to know  about how "wise" are the western customers and how we shouldn't be, the next time WE make a call for support, as a customer.

What we have failed to learn from the Western World
  1. However adolescents in the western world groom themselves to be economically  self-reliant to a certain extent at the least and "make" themselves eligible for such on-par treatments.
  2. Yet there isn't any agency or force in our country that is mandated to work and make decisions without the political intervention.
  3. Understand that The Academy Award is an appreciation for a movie based on their set of likes and guidelines, expectations and feelings however our National Award is the one for an Indian movie which is adjudged by a jury who understands our genre. No clue  how people here as well as the Academy Award jury felt that the music was so worth-it in  Slumdog Millionaire that was NOT in Lagaan.
  4. We, at the BPO or KPO industry are not given a job for what's up there inside the skull but just that we're a cheap alternative to a fellow Westerner in terms of cost and we may end up losing it if the few "real wise" Westerners finds an even more cheaper alternative.
             If it so has been the tradition that we've have seen, yearned for, adopted or even worshiped the numerous unlisted cues ONLY from the western world, be it good or bad, we also need to think about and realize how much and what good have WE been of an impact as a Western country (apart from being geographically) to all those countries that are to the east of us.


  1. I don't think Lagaan was nominated for the Best music. It was nominated for best foreign language film. Only Hollywood movies are nominated for the other categories at the oscars. So, slumdog was a part of that. Btw, the whole 8 awards for slumdog was a publicity stunt to get back the name that was lost in 2008 telling that the Oscars 2008 function was boring and dull.

  2. Yeah I know the specs regarding which one was nominated for what and however the comparison here is not the exact thing about the movies as such but just to put in thought that the Oscars is definitely NOT a worthy recognition for an Indian movie and its high time that the people here at the diaspora of Indian Cinema realized that.
    Also a small correction on you point Chiju, its not the Hollywood movies that are ONLY nominated for the other categories but the movies that is a feature length movie in English that is considered.
    Do you think Slumdog would've have earned the same respects at Oscars and BAFTA if everything remained the same expect the production and direction being done by Indians???


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