Monday, December 28, 2009

Modern Arthashastra

        Arthashastra is regarded as one the best bets, to master the art of politics and rule a state competently. However with time and research, as on date there is a Modern Arthashastra that can be mandated as the heart of political science. The following is the comparision of the chapters of the age old epic with the modern one.

    The various chapters of the Modern Arthashastra are collectively the core values of any political party in India and are listed below along-with the original ones in brackets (courtesy Wikipedia).

  • I Defining the Conduct of the Party - (Concerning Discipline)
  • II What the Leaders of ruling Party (shortly as WLP) can exercise at free will whereas others cannot - (The Duties of Government Superintendents)
  • III WLP feels like, depending on the cases against the Party Leaders - (Concerning Law)
  • IV The Art of the removal of Jaswanth Singh kind of. -(The Removal of Thorns)
  • V The DOs and DON'Ts of the non significant members - (The Conduct of Courtiers)
  • VI How to keep the party on the lines of the Leader's Heirs - (The Source of Sovereign States)
  • VII  The Art of keeping the six stated above, intact - (The End of the Six-Fold Policy)
  • VIII Art of staging sponsored agitations  - (Concerning Vices and Calamities)
  • IX The Art of concerning and "controlling" foreign interventions - (The Work of an Invader)
  • X The election strategies -(Relating to War)
  • XI Art of providing grants and exemptions to foreign investments - (The Conduct of Corporations)
  • XII How "not" to succumb  to the "friendly foes"  -  (Concerning a Powerful Enemy)
  • XIII The Art as exhibited by fast till death, by certain people - (Strategic Means to Capture a Fortress)
  • XIV Making people believe what is not true (Ex: KCR 11 day fast) - (Secret Means)
  • XV The Art of exposing the demand for a new state when the Party is neither stable enough to win the elections nor has the credibility in the region - (The Plan of a Treatise)


  1. I don't know what you had written here,
    Just commenting to show you, I read it.

  2. @Shri Krishna - Thats ok buddy, I appreciate your honesty and no doubt perspectives differ.


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