Monday, July 26, 2010

The day I was SPAced out

                  It was perfect weekend with me got to do nothing as such and almost my first half of the day went on with watching back to back episodes of Friends. I just then remembered that it's been a week since I felt that I badly needed a haircut. I reached the place where I was getting it done, off late and a guy right away took me to a chair as if he was indeed waiting for me. In my usual routine manner I asked this guy to KISS (Keep It Short and Spiked) and he nodded in affirmation and dressed me up for it. Because of the dryness of the hair the comb was getting stuck to the hair and he "analysed" and suggested that the hair was in a bad state and need a SPA treatment badly. With absolutely no idea of what the hell this SPA thing was I did not bother to show interest on it. He just went on to trim my hair in the manner I had mentioned earlier and he was almost done doing it and started off again with the same SPA stuff and also the discounts that is offered there for that blah blah stuff. I just started to listen to it and for a moment I was carried away in the trance and I blurted those magic words "Sure, lets try it". 

          The sombre looking hair-cut guy till then, suddenly sprang to life with some new energy and started treating me like as if I own that place and like I'm welcome to do anything. I remembered my BPO work days where I used to pitch-in to the customers about various products without even bothered of whether they were interested or listening to me and ONLY help the customers out with their issues with all the extra care and concern  the moment they agree to buy a product. Today I felt like I've been a victim to taste my own medicine, on a different ball game though. I asked the guy to do shave job as well and he was ready with the stuff for that in a jiffy and was done with doing that in a few minutes.

        I was then asked to be ready for the hair wash and the SPA following it. I was all curious on what the hell that is gonna be as well as what good will it do to my "dry" hair. I was led into another inner private room and I was all covered up with just the head outside the cover and he brought an urn of some pale green gel, which just looked like Brylcreem. He then applied it all over my hair and also buried some of it between the hair, onto the scalp and left it dry for sometime. I was caught off-guard totally when suddenly he started punching my spine started from the neck. I could not comprehend his intention and then he said it's a part of the SPA massage. I felt the punches were nowhere close to massaging and I started having the feel of why the hell am I paying someone, to hit me by the way. I didn't know for what reason but he asked me to keep my eyes closed, probably he wanted me to actually "feel" the brutal massage I was subjected to, in a better way with my eyes closed. With some more of spine and shoulder punching, and a few times of a possible hand ripping attempts, he called it done and moved onto to my green-gelled hair.

       With another 10 mins of scalp scratching and his way of head massaging, I was left alone for a few minutes to recoup and get back to senses. He then dragged something over and covered my head. It looked like a head scanner, which was a typical machine that could be found at any hair salons. Right from my childhood days I had noticed it being kept unused in a corner of every salon I had been to, based on which I've had my share of sci-fi fantasies. The few mins of the head scanner part was, where the gel spread over my head started melting out. Finally to my relief, I had my head washed out and dried and the thought Never again...never again kept reverberating in my mind. I came back to my normal senses and zap came the bill which was nonetheless a loud slap.

         With no words exchanged, I handed over the money with a "This is bloody daylight mugging man" look and the cashier accepted it unperturbedly and returned the change with a glance that clearly had the sub titles "That's Natural(s)!!!"


  1. ouch... that sounds like you were put in a torture chamber

  2. It sure was and the best part was that I was promised my next experience would be at 30% discount. God only knows on what that discount was...


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