Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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Periappa and collegues - MRF

          It was July last year when I got the HTC Touch Viva phone for myself and it was a period where not many people recognized HTC as a brand of mobile and interpreted HTC as some korean handset. It was my habit to fiddle around with the Windows with some third-party softwares and apps and my HTC with Windows Mobile on it was no different as well. The happy period with this phone existed until the 20th of May, 2010 when I carelessly left the phone on the dining hall of my cousin's marriage reception. As it happens I did not realize that for more than half an hour and my search at every corner of the venue was in vain and I could not locate my mobile. I was so cross at myself for my carelessness. The phone was much invaluable for its rich contact info (for which I did not have a back-up) more than the cost of the mobile.

         I blocked the SIM and stayed disconnected without a mobile for a week, which my mom could not tolerate any further cos she was used to calling me at least thrice daily and she could not stay without doing that. Hence I finally got a duplicate SIM and was back online on the GSM world with a spare mobile of my friend. I explored loads of mobile handset reviews and maybe cos of my association with HTC or I did not know why exactly , I was so obsessed with the HTC models and was just pondering over which handset to choose and the HD2 was so very impressive for me and started checking out on who would offer that to me at the lowest price. With the history of my previous phone and the cost of the phone I was eying for now, the elders back home, in their usual predictable manner raised questions like  "Why go for another costly phone and maybe lose it again?"  "Why not go for a basic mobile handset?" etc etc..!!! With so many against in me buying the HD2, I was deferring the buying process.

       It was 3rd July, 2010 evening and my mom showed me her mobile asking me to have a look at a weird SMS she had got the previous day. The SMS sent a shock through my spine as it remainded me of those days when I had browsed the internet for my Windows Mobile apps and had installed a software that claimed to send an SMS of our choice to the mobile number of our choice if someone removes my SIM and puts another SIM. The SMS had the exact content which I had specified in that software when I had installed it. As I did not test if it was working, I was very unclear on how it is working after a month of me having lost it. I was in a state of "Will this happen for sure and will I get back my mobile?". With those thoughts running repeatedly our part of investigation started and within an hour we had the complete details of the SIM. We approached the police and they promised us that they will recover the phone in a day or two and get it to us and advised us not to contact that number.

       With the thoughts of the HTC reverberating in the mind, day in and day out I could not sleep well since the day I saw that SMS. I had a chance to go to my cousins' place (in who's marriage reception I had lost the mobile) and I told them of the developments about my HTC. My uncle who was less observant till then suddenly inquired again on the name and address of the SIM. When he heard it again he exclaimed that there was person at his workplace with the same name and similar area of residence. We checked out the reception video and the time he came to the reception and had dinner coincided with the time I had left my mobile. With the new development, my uncle promised me that he will check the details of that person and if it matches, its going to be a piece of cake to recover from him. With a sigh of some relief I went back home. The next day he called me and said none of the info which I had given matched with the company records of the person with the same name and hence he concluded that probably its a mere coincidence and asked to me push with the police to recover the mobile soon.

     The police (as one would come to know with experience) were postponing the errand stating they would do the next day, for some three days. After having been fed up of their response, I told another uncle of mine regarding the status and he said he would call the number directly and recover the mobile soon. I got the news after a few hours that the man promised to return the mobile asap. On asking for the details of how he was nabbed, my uncle narrated that he had called the person and threatened him stating that his entire call history since the time he put on this SIM has been traced and he had no chance to escape. The guy on the other side pleaded not guilty stating that he was working at a reputed firm for years and had a clean track record. To his misfortune the company he mentioned was indeed the same company where my cousin's father worked and he was indeed the same guy whom we already suspected from the reception video. My uncle called that guy again with my other uncle and that person's boss listening to the conversation, staying muted on the line and him without knowing who were on the line mentioned the same thing to my uncle and then both of them came of the mute and a deal was struck and he pleaded guilty finally and promised to return the phone and here I am back with my HTC yet again....!!!


  1. Cool da! You are lucky! No luck for me on my Laptop! Pray for me Bro! My aftermath was pathetic.. No support from the Police.

    Moral of the Story-> Kins are better than the Police.. Nay,
    Everyone is better than the Police! :D

  2. Amazing Story !
    Same Software i have installed on my fathers phone.
    Once he changes the Sim and at same instant i got the message.!
    Can help in fetching lost mobiles

  3. I missed the story being told yesterday. How come you let the guy off the hook without the battery. We will be discussing this over lunch today.

  4. Dai Lucky Fellow! I thought you were joking!!

    Seriously man! I can understand how great the feeling is. Its happened to me except that I did not get my phone back and its been 15 months and I'm not happy with the phones i've been using till date! :(

    Be careful from now!

  5. Hey.. awesome!!! truly and indeed lucky!!

  6. yeah great da!!! Suberb story.
    I accept we really concern abt the contacts info than the cost of the phone.

    KUDOS to all.

  7. SUperbly narrated :) Great to hear u have ur mobile again :)

    TN police sucks as usual !!

  8. I have a similar experience- lost my ph in my sister's wedding.. but thanks to the tech the police located it 6 mnths later...

  9. @Pallavee - Oh that is cooool, I guess the Chennai police have to take lessons...!!!


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