Thursday, December 16, 2010

'Hand'some People

          If you had been to an Indian wedding especially the South-Indian ones, you would have noticed that the feast would mostly be served on a large banana leaf. What’s more interesting is the fact on how people eat, finish off their share of food. Further on shifting focus to how the people’s hands are, at the end of a meal, struck coherence with the following analogy in my mind.

  • All fingers drapedThese are the set of people who have all their fingers dressed-up with food (mostly of the sorts of last consumed) and they are the type of people who would like to have a grab of anything that comes to their offing in life but may actually do/make-use-of that, uninterestedly. They do not seem to have the passion of enjoying whatever they do.
  • All fingers clean – For a second, these people may give a picture as if they haven’t had a meal but on a closer introspection, one can notice that their deft lips and tongue have made their fingers clean (and maybe better than how it was, when they started). A variety of people fall in this category with the likes of those who thoroughly enjoy the experience of whatever they have, use or like in their lives, to those people who grab stuff (be it a company quarters, official travel, or even simply a friend’s treat and lots more) to utilize or enjoy it to the fullest at someone else’s expense.
  • Few fingers draped – There are quite a handful of people, who make use of just few of their fingers as a compulsive, self-ascertained dining etiquette immaterial of how much they eat. These people are more of the self conscious type for whom their appearance and presentation of their own selves is next to being god. More often than not they choose not to do/have/use something that they like to, in the manner that it needs to be enjoyed/cherished because of “What if other may think…”, “What if I don’t look classy and decent?”  Sorts of questions pondering in their minds redundantly.
  • Spoons in lieu of fingers – These kinds of people are a rare breed but yes they do indeed exist. They cannot subdue their practice of using cutleries for dining and, banana leaf meals are a no different ball game for them. They for sure end up as highlight elements for other meal-mates to giggle about, for the next few days.  They are interestingly a daring breed who stick to their principles and practices wherever they are and (most importantly) do not shy away from doing it in spite of the vulnerability involved of being laughed-at/commented/criticized. They are firm believers of what they do and are ready to debate endlessly justifying their actions, though it (their actions) may be out rightly out-of-place/unaccepted/refuted by many. 
With such a variety of ‘hand’some people around which one do you think you fall under..? or Are you totally a different unlisted genre?

Note :This post is a syndication to my article published on Thoughts On Sale at this link.

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