Monday, December 13, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why People Pursue MBA

     GMAT, CAT, XAT and what not, being the core mantra for many, these days and what is it, that drives them to take all/many of these and become an MBA graduate? Well there are quite a lot of reasons why people choose to pursue MBA, here are my pick of ten reasons that top the chart in no particular order, unless stated explicitly.

  • My Uncle in US/Dad/Mom/Brother/Sister/Dad's best friend/My Brother's fiancée suggested it was the best career choice as on date.
  • For my course and score in under graduation I don't think I have good work prospects, so let me do an MBA to recoup for the loss.
  • I've felt my aptitude and vocabulary being competitive and I want to crack this as a challenge.
  • My Aunt's son or daughter/Friends/College Senior/Best friend from school/Girlfriend or Boyfriend  is doing it.
  • A thing of beauty is always an HR lady, I sure wanna work in an ambiance with such people around me, doing my MBA in HR henceforth.
  • I had all the experience, ideas, potential to be a perfect fit, for this job but they rejected me as I was not "qualified enough".
  • My company offered an all expense sponsored e-MBA course at a premium institute and I took it gleefully with both hands.
  • I have no clue why I took this and still trying to figure that out.
  • With my under-graduation in Engineering and my "skill set" I was worthy of just a Rs 3L p.a job, but then with a little effort I landed into this MBA and my remuneration gets to start anywhere from Rs 6L p.a after I am done with this. It is way better than what I would earn with a Bachelor of Engineering and experience of 2 years. To me MBA is Money Best Assured.
  • Lastly I hope at least a handful would say "I have aspired to become an entrepreneur in my field of interest some day and this is  a firm step towards it".


  1. Hey seriously this s wat ppl in ma coll pursuing MBA told!! lol

  2. good try ..... but not ur best

  3. 8th reason is the ultimate best :)

  4. Well said... the 9th point should have been the first one.... that's the order people go by...

  5. nice narration machi,

    1.add to your point (8) If one sheep jumps over a cliff, the others are likely to follow. ... like that every1 doing more than a professional its like a fashion item .. LOL
    2.many guys doing MBA to get more DOWRY and gals doing it to get a well settled partner

  6. @Vijay - Very much valid points man...gr8 to knw....!!!

  7. Cooooool
    - Manoj


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