Tuesday, February 15, 2011


He & She met online,

 'Like'd and commented on each other's photos and updates,

"Who's your valentine???" application returned the other's name to either,

Relationship statuses mutually changed to 'Committed,'

Three months passed and She became 'Single'

As he did not 'like' or comment on her updates, for a week;

She & He met online...

Note :This post is a syndication to my article published on Thoughts On Sale at this link.
Credits: Thanks to Bhargavi for the proof reading and cuts.


  1. love is as transitory as time, these days.

    In the sea of He's and She's it has actually become a capitalist market- too many options, only one life.

  2. what a nice way to capture the transition..... romba like!

  3. The meaning "love" seems to have been misunderstood by many... there is always a confusion with "liking someone" and "loving someone".

    These days people want someone to hang around and spend time with... Infatuations cannot be called love...

    So its never wrong taking time before getting committed....but never think once ur committed...

  4. @Amropali - Well I would say too many mental blocks to overshadow the options than the options, in first place.
    @Delhizen - Dhanyavaadh :)
    @Nandha - Trust me, it isn't as simple as it looks..!!!
    @Lalitha - Is it so easy?


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