Monday, February 28, 2011

World Headlines in 2060 - India #1

"Ajmal Kasab is dead"

            In one of the most remarkable turn of events of the year, Ajmal Kasab breathed his last at his residence in Arthur Road Jail. His health started to fail since the last two days and the doctors almost timed his demise to precision and hence there was this The Truman Show kind of coverage of his last two days. 
  • Unconfirmed reports suggest that Al-Qaeda had sponsored the entire show on 50 of the 2456 National television news channels that covered the entire episode. 
  • Film producers from across the country have already sought rights from the channels to make movies based on various aspects of the life of Ajmal Kasab.  
  • 26/11 victim's grand kids from across Mumbai have begun celebrating and one such caught on News Channel Camera was seen saying "Patience and perseverance of the Long Arm of Indian Justice has given him the capital punishment in the best way possible.
  • Pakistan had sent its deepest condolences for the fact that it had just considered running an inquiry to establish Kasab's identity as a Pakistani but its rather unfortunate that he is no more.  As a quick response to Pakistan's statement, The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has released a statement "We are very happy on Pakistan's initiative and would like to commit that Kasab's body would be preserved till Pakistan completes its inquiry on finding his nationality."
  • The entire Kasab's episode, journey and his existence in India has received very positive feedback from lots of terrorists and almost everyone are unanimous in their thoughts of shifting their terror base to India. When asked why, one was proud to state that "Here we get a lot of respect and concern and most importantly we can lead a dignified life as India's core value of Athithi Devo Bhava  is very much extended to us, if not all."

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