Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top Five Ways To Eradicate Poverty In India

      Wikipedia defines Poverty as "The state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money"Its been 60+ years now since India has been attached with this tag of being a poverty ridden Independent Country. Its high time this situation is addressed once and for all. Being 'a responsible citizen' of this nation its my duty to put my best foot forward in marching towards eradicating poverty. The following is my Panchsheel which would 'eradicate' poverty. 

  • Calling Representatives - An easy and age old way is first to identify the poverty ridden regions and then its representatives. Call them for a meeting and buy them out one by one and if you can completely appease the entire section and bring them to your side, the problem is solved and these representatives would take care that no more in future someone would raise a voice telling there are poor and suffering people.  
  • FDI Strategy - Identify the poorest village, take away land from the locals. Give it at throwaway leases to MNCs across industrial verticals to invest and setup industries, which in turn makes the real estate boom, land value increase, Malls come up and the locals can be inducted into the workforce and boom, the village becomes rich in spending and lifestyle.
  • Mass Movement - Take a census of the approximate number of people who're poor, clear up a State (that borders with another country) and move all the poor people to this state. Reach out to TRS party's Chandrashekar Reddy's book of "Creation of New State for DUMMIES". Else use the existing states like Jammu & Kashmir or Arunachal Pradesh and once the migration of all the poor people is complete, disown the state and give them  to Pakistan or China respectively, which would solve the border issues as well make India free of poverty.
  • Media Bluff - Buy out any and all forms of Media (for this cause as well) and make them propagate to  the world to believe that India is a poverty free country and most importantly close all gaps to prevent the International Media from finding the truth. I think 'The Namesake Gandhi' family has pioneered in this feat and just that they have to extend their support and knowledge for this cause too.
  • Rajapakse's Guide  - If none of the previous ones works out in eradicating poor, fly to Sri Lanka and talk to Mahindra Rajapakse. Remember this is the Brahmaastra, so use it only when all others fail. He will guide everyone who seeks his help on 'How to commit mass murders of innocent people with compelling evidence and still hold the head high with a sense of achievement'.

       Each of the above policies is a novel approach which may be suffice to achieve the goal as a stand-alone. However if doesn't work out that way, its wise to use combinations of all of these and make our country 'a better place' to live in. After all one need to eradicate the cause (poor people) in order for the effect (poverty) to cease to exist.


  1. Hi charan,

    Nice meeting u today.

    Joined your network today

    Inviting you to join my blog and indiblogger network.

    Jagan K

  2. I hope its plain satirical humour. Otherwise, it sounds like 'What if they don't have bread, let them eat cake!'

  3. these suggested measures kind of irks. may be that's what they are intended to do ...

    Nice to meet you at Indi Blogger meet yesterday.

    Lakshmi from Adithis Amma Sews

  4. Well, I don't know whether this will work out but I'm glad that you have thought about this issue.

    We need more like you. Policy makers, is that right?

    Joy always,

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  6. Poverty caused by unemployment should really be strictly dealt with accordingly. Poverty is the root cause of many issues in the society.

  7. hope this was a satire.

    still you didnt need to go all the way to Rajapakse, when you had Modi here.


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