Thursday, October 20, 2011

World Headlines in 2060 - World #1

"A guy finds his dad via Google search in 30 seconds"

"What The Guy did in 30 seconds was truly a spectacular feat and I am sure there aren't many in this world who could do that these days"- Google CEO

         In a dramatic event that unfolded at the 30th World's Toughest Quiz, The Guy (he wanted to withhold his name and preferred to be called The Guy) in his early 30s won the coveted "Challenger of the Year" with a prize purse of $100000. In the annual event organized by Google across the globe, the contestants are confined to a room where they have access to any and all latest gadgets and technologies.  They can get to choose any mode of finding the answer and just one thumb rule is that they cannot ask any other human, by any means. The final hurdle set this time was "How quick can you correctly say who your dad is?".  There were 47 finalists this year and apparently this question was rated tougher than last years question of "How fast can you say 'I am a dumb ass', 50 times?" The Guy was able to complete the challenge in just 30 seconds and walk away with the title. 

        When asked about his experience at the final round he said "I knew I was too good with Google, Google+, Facebook etc but then when this question was put forth to me, I went totally blank. It was something which I haven't thought about in my entire life and hence it took some precious 15 to 20 seconds of searching, to narrow down on who my mom was and then the remaining time was used in stalking her profile narrowing down to my dad.  Luckily my dad looked like me, else I would have lost on the contest. My heart goes out to the determined two who're still trying to figure out the answer, 4 hours into the contest."

     As the rules of this contest states there is no time boundary and either one has to find the answer or accept defeat and give up. With 19 people having found the answers at varied time intervals and the rest having given up, these two are becoming examples of perseverance and determination by showing the world that any information can be found by searching online and one's brain does not have any necessity to be up there and be 'used'.  Meanwhile unconfirmed sources say that 'The Guy' is all set to feature on this year's TIME's cover earning him the title "The Brightest Dimwit of 2060".   


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