Monday, December 24, 2012

Thus Spake Chennai

This post is part of the blog tag titled, The CBC Tablog where CBC stands for Chennai Bloggers club. About 35 bloggers from Chennai are participating  in this blog tag where everyone will write about their favorite city Chennai and what it means to them.  Well I've differed it a bit and tried to put myself in her shoes and spoken from Chennai in my typical 55 words or less. So here's my post for the CBC tablog. 


I started with kids afew

Adopting millions over years together

Having grown richer and bigger with age.

My kids have loved me, hated me

And kept molding me to accustom to their lifestyles,

Some I’ve been proud of

While despised some others

But complained to none

Neither as erstwhile Madras nor being Chennai.

I'd like to pass this marathon baton further and here's someone who states and I quote "I came I saw I blog, I think I blog, I blog, @vadapoche on twitter


  1. I like what she spoke. Short and crisp.

    Joy always,

  2. Lovely! She's a girl after our own heart!

  3. "Some I've been proud of, while despised some others" - How frank! A more balanced perspective than the normal Chennai is the best city on the earth.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Loved it. A very different perspective, after all the city has to express her feeling as well :-)

  5. Different take! Loved it :-)

  6. Thanks a lot everyone for your views on it...

  7. Loved this creative take on Chennai :)

    It really felt as if Chennai herself was speaking to me :)

    Keep blogging, cheers :)

  8. Kavidhai, kavidhai... Whattay way to potray the city? Wonderful wonderful...

  9. Ahaa! Talking about Chennai (or in your case, on behalf of Chennai) in 55 words is very very difficult! You've done it so well! Excellent post buddy! :)
    Bhusha's TRAVELOGUE

  10. It is sheer talent to express things in few words and on top of that being poetic is awesomeness. Hats off to you.

    Keep em coming


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