Monday, July 22, 2013

Mariyaan Review

    Mariyaan (Tamil: மரியான் Mariyāņ; English: The Immortal) just as a title & poster gives the first set of clues about the movie.
  • The hero is immortal ( to differ from other hero immortal movies tamil movies, guess they have titled it here explicitly).
  • Since its a name less heard off its either the hero's name or he would be fondly called so.
Next the tech-crew of the movie created another palpable expectation
  • Bharat Bala of Vande Mataram fame is the debut director of the movie.
  • No doubt A.R Rahman being the music director for the movie, after many years of having worked with Bharat Bala.
For this script Bharat Bala wouldn't have needed to break his head on who the protagonist is but just decide when the dates of Dhanush are available because
  • The script demanded a non-heroic commoner-like established actor.
  • Dhanush has already pulled off umpteen such movies with ease and he is the safest bet for this.
Why the hero from a poor coastal village?
  • Pity on Dhanush's character has sold easily many a time before.
  • We already have going abroad for meagre jobs, terrorism & coastal hamlets based standalone movies as well and two of those three combined ones too and hence to make one as a first of its kind the director seems to have chosen a coastal poor boy taking up a job abroad being kidnapped by foreign terrorists.
The hallucinations
  • The movie had quite a lot of it like the hero's friend dreaming of hero and heroin hugging each other to hero eating non existent food.
  • Each time the hero thinks of his girl, she comes and even performs a duet with the hero.
  • We get the drift that the hero is inspired by his love for his girl however the heroin recurrence in the movie has really spoilt the flow and pace of the movie.
The uncommonly common hero
  • As stated earlier, the hero is pictured as a common gutsy local guy. However even at times of captivity, the hero does not show any fatigue & dehydration to the extent any normal guy would have shown.
  • The villain kills anyone but the hero only to get killed by the hero later, an outright tradition right from James Bond movies to Tamil movies.
The ever-b[l]inding LOVE
  • Off all the people in the entire village, the dusky heroin only falls for the skinny hero cos that's what her love is destined to be.
  • The conversation with heroin's father, who quotes 'For every achiever there should be a girl involved with him' sparks the love in hero's mind and he reciprocates his love and the heroin of course gleefully gears up for duets.
The Sudan terrorists & the kidnap fiasco
  • The depiction in the movie could be termed as one of the most imaginative portrayal of terrorists in any movie seen before. 
  • The highlight of it was the scene where the terrorists ask Dhanush to dance and he does a gig which sways between reality and his hallucination. I just wonder why the director clings to such unimaginable stereotypes.
The GREAT escape
  • The hero pulls off a great escape without any sense of portrayal in the movie of how he figured out which way he was heading and how he survived without food and water especially for so many days together in a region of inhuman desert terrain.
  • The Cheetah part is a must watch and no clue why its place in the movie is justified.
The climax
  • The villain finds an almost dead Dhanush however still he does not kill him instantly (just like how he did to the other captives)  because he is the hero remember?
  • So its a typical bashing of the villain followed by his death and what was surprising was the 'king of the ocean' who survived the harsh desert, lose out his fatigue and is washed off lying like a dead meat.
  • The following five minutes showcases incidents which an English movie would have taken an entire movie to showcase.

    In his quest for keeping the hero immortal (மரியான்) the director stabbed the audience so many times that they are either dead or seriously injured.


  1. Dont listen to this review .. am not sure if the guy who gave review really knows english ! he should hav listened the movie well ! Seriously a stupid review . if u are patient enough and tired of those stupid so called action movies in kollywood ,watch this movie with patience in any good mutilplex preferably in auro 3D . Am sure u ll like it

  2. Finally, here is a honest review of Maryaan. It should have been titled 'Maryaan- A mistake by Barathbala'. Kudos for writing the truth.

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