Monday, July 29, 2013

Ship of Theseus Review

 First things first, this movie is a must watch and it should be done at the earliest, for two reasons
  1. The movie is a brilliant piece of work.
  2. It runs only a few shows in Satyam Cinemas, in the whole of Chennai.
  Now coming to the other details, its better for the 'mass crowd' to know what this movie is all about.
  • This movie has no popular or even known names in its crew except for a dash of Kiran Rao reference.
  • There are no cinematic fights.
  • There are no songs.
  • Most of the time there is no background score.
  • This is not a cinematographic visual treat.
  • The languages spoken by characters include Arabic, Sanskrit & Swedish and of course Hindi & mostly English.
  • There are sub titles in English. 
  • There are no duets or dream sequences.
  • There are no flashbacks too.
Also there are certain other things which might interest a few or maybe add on to the previous list for some others.
  • The movie is so real that one can venture out to find scores of such people | stories in real world.
  • One will realize that vision does not necessarily have to result in glee for the blind.
  • One waging a war against cruelty cannot survive to win the war without endorsing it some point if their life is at stake.
  •  Life's fulfillment is just not about money or one's own self but something subtler and yet larger than life. 
 This movie has a lot of not-to-be-missed conversations that convey quite a number of hard this-is-how-one-has-to-be facts in different ways.
  • The ones between Aliya Kamal & Vinay has a lot of subtle and yet valuable relationship related takeaways. 
  • All of those conversations between Maitreya & Charvaka are absolute delight to listen to with each of it touching the highs of logic to philosophy and even spirituality.
  • Lastly the single conversation between Navin Parnami and his grandma is soul stirring that changes purpose of the character of Navin altogether thereafter.

I would like to quote Anand Gandhi on this - "The three short stories evolved to fill in the three corners of the classical Indian trinity of Satyam-Shivam-Sunderam (The pursuit of truth, the pursuit of righteousness and the pursuit of beauty)" and
the movie indeed serves an answer to the famous paradox.

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  1. The entire film well summarized. :)

    Yours is one of the very few blogs I found which carry posts related to Ship of Theseus.

    Not many people have heard of it, and those who have heard, probably didnt bother to see it. And probably that's the reason for lesser interaction here.

    You might want to read my post on the film as well-


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