Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you REALLY Single???

      As on date some amongst us are either "committed" or "in-a-relationship" but without doubts most of us are still "single". Unfortunately only a few amongst these "singles" are TRULY so because they are the ones who're NOT on the look out for any such commitments or relationships whatsoever. Now here are three benchmark tests to self-assess whether you are TRULY single.
  • SMS test

    • This is a self-evaluative test.
    • Check whether you send someone an SMS and keep expecting a response back and if you don't get a response maybe you even get upset.
    • Also check whether you're sending SMS forwards to a specific person or "few people" quite frequently more than the regular list of Msg-to-be-shared-with gang. 
    • If so, after sending this, check whether you're not expecting to strike a conversation based on it. This check can be substituted with online chatting instead as well if you're an avid online person than a mobile person. If both then make the checks on either of them. 
    • If all is fair and square on this and none of these checks returned any specific reasons or answers on your mind, you've successfully passed this and edge a step closer in stating you are "Single" and yeah march on to the next test.
  • Phone call test

    • Similar to the previous one this is also self-evaluative.
    • Make a list of the frequent people you talk-to, over the phone. 
    • Chart out an approx amount of time spent talking to each person. 
    • Take the descending top ten of this list. 
    • Check whether any of the ones belonging to the "SMS test",  are on the list. 
    • Check for existence of conversations with people with whom you may tend to blush or feel out of words to talk-to but still don't disconnect.
    • If the result of these checks does not strike a chord, the probability of you being TRULY single is very close indeed and proceed to the final test.

  • Close-your-eyes test
    • Just relax, close your eyes, do nothing and stay at any comfortable posture for 5 mins (Time it, cos trust me 5 mins is a very long time for this activity).
    • This may look pretty simple however practically its otherwise.
    • If no guy/girl (be it your neighbor, friend, colleague, one noticed roadside or in a mall or theaters etc) holds your mind for more than a moment or two, then you are clean.
If you had taken these tests and had failed on any of it then its highly probable that you fall amidst one of "I Wish I Was Committed" or "Am I really single?" category and does have to reconsider your thoughts on your "Single" status portrayals and start working on the reasons for having failed these tests :). On the contrary if you're passing out with flying colors on these tests, you can pat yourself on your back and join the elite few of TRUE singles...!!!


    1. looks like a lot of thought has gone into writing this ..... a simple and thoughtful one ....

    2. A few posts require a least a lil research na.. :)


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