Friday, September 10, 2010

The Proposal

The music set the ambiance.

She joined me dot on time, 

Fine dining flowed with small talks and musings

Her favorite Choco Fudge and my Vanilla Mousse arrived.

Gazing into her eyes I said

"I love you

She moved real close,

her brief silence left me breathless, 

she replied 

"Mmm...Vanilla tasted lovely this way"


  1. You know what - when i read for the first time - i didn't understand what you were trying to say- it took me a few minutes and then 'ahem..hmmm ' :P

  2. @charan: anga vechan da taste..chi twistu..!!
    @harini: free ah vidu namba yeppavumay apdi dhan..!!

  3. The guy should have ignored her and looked at the Choco Fudge and say "Will you marry me?" I'd have loved that ending! :)
    It reminded me of Ross telling Emily "I love you" and she replying "Thank you" and flying off to london!

  4. @Harini - Paravaaillaye u ve grown up.... :P
    @Ganes - I likes ur comment machi....!!!
    @Chiju - Dei y always a sogam endin u want...enjoy the sugamaana endin here man..!!!

  5. @harini
    adhu onnum ille, feeling of Deja Vu probably..:p

    You could have stuck to non-fiction here..;)

  6. total my type of post... may sound cheesy but probably I wud have said the same thing ;)


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