Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I liked what she told me about herself.

Her interests seemed to match with my preferences.

Even her zodiac sign was in-sync with mine

Of-course she was looking really pretty

and I asked her - "Can we be friends?"

She remained silent 

And even after many days I found her status to be

"Awaiting friend confirmation"


  1. Buddy... If this is ficition, i don't think you have a problem! :) Enjoy! :P

  2. Ahem! aww comeon you got to mention with each of yr 55er which one is fiction and which is true...

    But this one is good too.. seems like you soon we shall use this phrase to describe you ' A Man of Few words' :)

  3. Sure will mention if any of the 55er is a true thingie...
    "A Man of Few Words" - hehe... :)

  4. Good one! This is how an "Autograph" would look like had it been a 55er! :P

  5. With your reference, now I'm hallucinating Cheran speaking those lines I've mentioned above :D

  6. Hey awesome !! I can see how much FB or any social networking site has changed your thought process.. :P Very gud one da.. I m yet to write my blog.. :(

  7. first good selection of picture... did u ask her in that case about the custom message???

  8. @Saras - Thanksungo...seekaram join the bandwagon...!!!
    @Laitha - What would you have done in this case?

  9. :) :) this was my reaction as I was reading it. I dun think I ve 2 comment more than this :)

  10. @Rags - I could visualize that :)


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