Saturday, September 25, 2010

How to make Indian Cinema become truly World's best???

         With the technological, financial and logistical advancements, the Indian Film industry has come a long way on the improvisation front and has no doubt begun to compete with the World class Hollywood biggies on who's movie is the best in its class. 

Are we Indians capable of creating "THE MOVIE" that is way ahead of the present times which the world has NEVER seen or thought off, till date?

I strongly think

No, I'm not talking of Robot (a) எந்திரன்

Here's how...

Firstly lets look at the resources that we have got and if not, procure.

  1. The BIG BUCKS!!! - With the sky rocketing movie budget these days and time and again "The biggest budget Indian movie" record being re-written there is a definite conclusion here in India that MONEY is not an issue for making "THE MOVIE", anymore. That makes money as THE ONE.
  2. The Star Cast!!! - With umpteen movies out already in the recent times with scores of heroes across generations right from yesteryears to the present put altogether in a movie package, we do not have issues in making many STAR heroes (heroins ofcourse will, do they have a choice???) sign up for THE MOVIE. Also as and when applicable THE ONE can take care of "the ones" who refuse to accept the offer by ALL possible means. That makes the star cast as THE MANY.
  3. The Out-of-the-World Technology!!! - Having got THE ONE and THE MANY aboard, I do not see any obstacles in acquiring THE TECHNOLOGY (made at any cost from any corner of the globe) to be a part of  THE MOVIE, obviously.
  4. The Bits and Pieces!!! - When compared to the enormity of the above mentioned things,  the BEST of directors, music composers, editors, designers, cinematographer, art direction, marketing and what not... form THE SCRAP to fit into THE MOVIE making space.
Now what is left is THE SPICE to make THE MOVIE become a never-heard-off-before experience.

  • The Salt - THE MOVIE should be shot for 6D, yeah you heard it right its 6D (including the sense of feel and smell as well as introducing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the 6th dimension).
  • The Butter - The screen play should be a sure shot winning plot involving maximum of two heroes, heroins and villains. THE MOVIE should be shot with at least three such set of heroes, heroins and villains and why so? follows next.
  • The Tastemaker © - Since the audience being fans to more than one hero or heroin or even villain (not so likely),  AI comes into the picture here. So here's how the AI experience will be. The movie goer walks into the theater, gets onto his/her couch, wears THE GOGGLES and selects the cast whom he/she wants to feature in the movie and the movie plays according to their preference. With these GOGGLES in place, THE MOVIE gets add-on USPs like the movie-goer will for sure watch it again and again for various reasons like their curiosity to mix and match the cast, being fans to more than one actor who're a part of the cast, just for the sake of THE GOGGLES experience and the list is endless and left to the exploration of the audience. Hence by hiking the ticket costs a bit more than what it is today the good old days of 100s of days ad Silver-Jubilee of the movies can be brought back, yet again with a loud BANG!!!  That sums up the ingredients of THE SPICE. 
Will this one little step (if taken) by the Indian Cinema be one giant leap on the World Cinema?

Which apparently will be answered by the audience and critics if THE MOVIE hits the world theaters.


  1. I loved that last Tastemaker idea. It was absolutely fantastic. LIKES! I guess its the invention lecture of the ALTA working in your head! ;)

    However, I don't agree with any of the first four options. Reasons below:
    1) THE BIG BUCKS - doesn't work for ALL COMBINATIONS.
    2) THE STAR CAST - doesn't gel with FAN CLUBS.
    3) THE OUT OF THE WORLD TECHNOLOGY - Directors like Hari still think Technology is making a lorry jump and burst into flames.
    4) BITS AND PIECES - The problem is that the BITS AND PIECES don't form a proper puzzle to depict a picture.


    Fan Clubs consists of those ppl who remain fans forever in-spite of whatever sh** their STARS do on not to worry about them.

    Well, those are directors who're out of the world themselves. Lets not bother about them man, they won't get a chance to make these kinda movies.

    That is why they are the BITS and PIECES who form THE SCRAP and doesn't need to have that necessity to all those forming a picture cr**.

  3. 1. There will be black and white money at any corners of the indian system
    2.Yes I agree we have so many stars present so we can do mix and match and provide a
    new flavour to the indian cinema.
    With Point 1 in place point 3 & 4 is easy to get.

    6D Ha Ha We were discussing about 4d on Friday and you caught the 6D Concept.
    Nice one....

  4. Plain and simple! I like your work!

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